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ExplorOz Traveller

ExplorOz Traveller (with EOTopo maps) is the best 4WD maps app on the market. It's a complete GPS mapping navigator for Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 10 devices and is developed specifically for 4WD travellers, campers and caravanners who need detailed offline mapping, but can also be used with Wifi or mobile data. The app costs $59.99 and includes the latest 2018 whole of Australia EOTopo online maps at a staggering scale of 18K as well as a basic offline map for the whole of Australia. However, you will need to purchase the Premium Offline Map Pack ($49.99) to unlock the zoom levels to 144K.


ExplorOz Traveller is an app that you download from the store and use on your phone, tablet, notebook or computer. It comes with top quality maps (both online and offline) for the whole of Australia and it uses the GPS in your device to show your position on the map. It will keep the map centred on your position as you move and as you zoom the map more details are revealed. The map contains clickable symbols for over 90,000 points of interest including bush camps, caravan parks, historic sites, interesting natural features and much more. If you click open the POIs, you'll view photos, description, and reviews from other travellers. The POIs on the map are used when you want to create a driving plan. You simply select a start and end point (you can also add in-between points). If you want your nav plan to contain turn-by-turn guidance and show a route that follows the path of the road, you will need to build your nav plan whilst online. You can still create nav plans when offline but the route line will show straight lines between points and cannot provide driving time details as it can when online. You can however, build your nav plans in advance for later use. You simply create your plan, then press save. After saving your nav plan, the app will store this as a Trek - you will locate this in the Treks section of the app in your Private Treks list. Private Treks built this way will retain the route line following the course of the road, and will retain the calculated driving time details between point for your reference when you are offline. The app also comes with 182 pre-built Treks as per the ExplorOz Trek Notes detailed on the website. These are unique because these contain routing for 4WD tracks in desert areas that are unroutable using the online calculator. These Treks are also able to be modified to suit your needs. This means when you get the ExplorOz Traveller app you already have routes to guide you along all of Australia's most popular offroad tracks including the Simpson Desert, and even Canning Stock Route. The Places & Trek Notes, along with the data used in the EOTopo offline maps, have been carefully curated for the past 18 years through the ExplorOz network of field researchers. Furthermore, app users can upload their own photos, comments, reviews, and create new Places within the app. This data is then synced back to the master server for all users to access when updating their offline content. All new public data is verified and checked by ExplorOz staff daily.


The map screen allows you to select either online or offline maps. When you purchase the app you will have access to download the EOTopo Base Map in a low resolution format, which has a max zoom capability to display the map at the scale of 1:2.3 million. If you intend to use the app without internet/mobile service, you will need to also download the 577K map tile pack, and any/all of the East, West, and Central 144K map tile packs through the Data Manager. This will increase the zoom capability of the offline EOTopo map to a max map scale of 1:144,000. To have access to these additional EOTopo offline map tile downloads, your ExplorOz account will need to show that you've purchased a license for the ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Maps (available from our shop here). (Note: an EOTopo license will also unlock the tile downloads).

Position Tracking

As already described above, the app will show your position as you move along the map. The Map Layers tool in the top right of the map screen gives you the ability to select/deselect data overlays to allow you to customise what is displayed on the map (Places, Treks, Snail Trail). The Snail Trail is a line showing the path you have travelled. Position data is collected via the app as you move to draw the Snail Trail. You can create a User Trek at any time using the Positions Manager tool within the app. The Positions Manager will auto build a route line based on the stored snail trail data for any date range you select. This route line is then stored in your account, and accessible both in the app and on the ExplorOz website as a User Trek. User Trek data can be exported by Members (GPX) for the purpose of using in other software, however User Trek data cannot be imported back into the app. Members will also have the option to enable Track Logging. This is a separate tracking facility that actively tracks position data whether moving or stationary whilst the app is running (can run in background). Position data is stored in the device whilst offline and when online is synced to your online account on ExplorOz where family/friends can view your trip progress on your active Tracking Map, including overnight stop locations etc. This map is password protected by default and you can setup privacy zones. Alternatively, you can make your tracking publicly visible (EOTrackMe) if you prefer, and no personal identity information is displayed, only your ExplorOz Screen Name (alias). If you are not currently a Member yet want to use Track Logging in the app, buy your Membership subscription here. For Members with Track Logging enabled, the Position Manager will extract data to build User Treks using a combination of data from the snail trail plus the track logging, thereby ensuring the greatest accuracy.


How much does it cost?

The ExplorOz Traveller App is AU$59.99 and is available in the Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Store. If you wish to use the app on devices not on the same store you will need to purchase from each store. The app supports multi device usage and family plans offered by each store. Purchase of the app includes free usage of online maps (EOTopo to 18K, Streets & Paths, Satellite), plus a low-resolution whole of Australia offline map. For some users, there is no more cost.

For some people, there may be additional costs depending on your needs:-
1) Premium Offline Maps: For more detailed offline map usage you will need a license for Premium Offline Maps. Cost $49.99.
2) Tracking: The ExplorOz Traveller App includes an option to run track logging. An ExplorOz Membership subscription is required for this feature. Membership is normally $49.99 for a 12 month subscription but as a bonus to app users, we offer a $20 discount if you decide to join as a new member after purchasing our app. To get the discount, purchase and download the app first, login to the app, then go to our website online shop and purchase the Membership. This way you'll only pay $29.95.

App: $59.99
Maps: $49.99
Membership/Tracking: $29.95 with discount*
TOTAL: $139.93

PURCHASE TIPS: We prefer if you purchase the map license direct from our online here, however the store also provides you with the option to buy in-app with payment via your app store account.
NOTE: once you have activated the Premium map license to your ExplorOz account, you can download the maps onto any device (via the Data Manager in-app) as often as you need. This allows you to download the maps to all your devices running our app, and allows you to setup a new device in the future all with just 1 map license. This also allows you to mix platforms (Apple, Android, Windows) with the 1 map license.

How to Select & Install Maps

After purchasing the app for $59.99 from your app store, you will install the app to your device. When you first open the app you will be prompted to register or login to your ExplorOz account. Logging in to your account will validate your Member status and offline map license (if available).

MAPS - INCLUDEDThe app provides access to both online and offline maps for your convenience. Check whether you need to purchase an additional offline map license by reading the section below carefully.

Online MapsThe online maps require Wifi or a mobile data connection to use in app. As soon as you open the map screen in the app, the May Layer tool allows you to switch between the following online map options for the whole of Australia:

1) Streets & Paths (© Mapbox © OpenStreetMap). Max zoom to Level 18.
2) Satellite (© Mapbox © OpenStreetMap). Max zoom to Level 18.
3) EOTopo (© ExplorOz © I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd). Max zooming to Level 16, where topographic map detail for whole of Australia is displayed at 18K scale.

Offline Maps - What's Included & What's Not
All app users will be able to download/install the offline Base Map Pack, (1:2.3M scale topographic map of Australia), Max zoom to Level 10. There are an additional 4 offline map pack files that are available if you have the Premium License activated in your ExplorOz account. Once the Premium map packs are installed, the offline map will have a max zoom to Level 14 , which will display a map scale of 1:144,000 (144K).

To obtain a license to download the Premium Offline Maps in the app, you have 2 options:-

1) Purchase the ExplorOz Traveller Premium Offline Maps for $49.99 from our online shop as below. This license enables full download of all Premium offline maps for use in the ExplorOz Traveller app. OR

2) Purchase the Dual license for Premium Offline Maps for $99.95 from our online shop. This license activates the Premium Offline Maps license in the Traveller App as well as provides access to download raster map files (from our website). This option would only be of interest to users that have a requirement for downloading raster map files in ECW or OZF format for use in other mapping software packages (eg. OziExplorer, TrackRanger, HN7).

How to Activate Tracking

To activate tracking in the app, the account you use to log into the app will need to be a Member account. You can check your account status by going into the User Account section in the app.

The Home Screen has a control feature for enabling/disabling active track log recording. Tracking can only be collected when this app is running and this option is enabled. When enabled, the app will collect "Position" data periodically using your device's GPS. These positions will automatically sync to our server when an online connection is available, however if there is no connection the app will continue to collect and store positions for extend periods of time (no set limit).

The Home Screen also has a tool to display your synced tracking on a map. This assists you with checking what is being synced. It also provides you with tools to clear the active tracking map, or save tracking.

How Family/Friends can View your Live or Saved Tracking
What you see in the Server Tracking Map is what your family/friends can view when they see your Member tracking page on the website (excluding Geofences). "MyAppControlPanel" is a tool on the ExplorOz Traveller page that you can use (when logged in with your account) to set device security. This allows you to determine who can view the tracking data for each of your registered tracking devices. Device security can be locked by a password so only people with the password can view the tracking map recorded from each device. Otherwise you can set your device to a public security level which allows anyone to view your tracking map. No personal data or name is associated with your tracking (other than your assigned ExplorOz screen name) and if you have sensitive locations you wish to remain hidden within your tracking feed then these can simply be setup using the Geofence security option, which will block all visibility of travel within a set radius (that you determine) from that reference point.

System Requirements

  • A GPS enabled phone, iPad, tablet or Windows 10 device is required. Note that Wifi only iPads do not have a GPS but you can connect an external Bluetooth GPS. If you are using a Windows 10 device that does not have an in-built GPS you can also use a an external GPS receiver however it will need configuration as per the Windows 10 GPS Support section documented in the app store, and in the Help & FAQ section below on this page
  • The app can only be obtained by purchase and download from the app store applicable to your device (Playstore, App Store, Windows Store). App purchase allows multiple installs on your devices using the same store account. If different stores are used to obtain the app for different devices, you will charged separately by each store. App download size is 12MB.
  • Permission to use device storage and location services must be accepted for the app to operate correctly
  • Once the app is installed, you will also need to download additional offline content, even if only using the app online. Download size of combined Places & Treks database is 6MB and requires 15MB of internal storage. The Comments database is an optional download. Download size is 5MB and requires 20MB of internal storage.
  • App requires Wifi or mobile data to use Satellite maps, Streets & Paths maps, & EOTopo online map. Offline Map Packs containing EOTopo map data can be downloaded in the Data Manager if offline use is required.
  • There are 5 Offline Map Packs. App purchase includes the Base Pack, which covers the whole of Australia and is downloaded in-app through the Data Manager. This must be installed for the app to operate correctly. The Base Pack is a 24MB file download that requires 39MB of storage. A successfully installed Base Pack will show 5365 Tiles installed.
  • The remaining 4 Offline Map Packs can only be downloaded if your User Account confirms that you have the Premium maps license. These are large file downloads and require over 5GB of storage in total, however not all are required for the app to operate correctly. Select only the Map Packs to download as suits your needs.
  • The Data Manager displays available storage locations on your device and once a location is selected all map downloads default to that location. Once maps are installed, they cannot be moved or transferred but can be deleted and installed again (selecting an alternative storage location if required). Maps can be installed or deleted as required. The User Account you use to log into the app determines what maps you have access to download. The one maps license can therefore be used across multiple devices owned by you provided each device has the app installed and is logged into your User Account.
  • Premium 577K Pack - 353MB file download (unpacks to 518MB of file storage required). 58776 Tiles.
  • Premium 144K East Pack - 1.16GB file download (unpacks to 1.8GB of file storage required). 279,208 Tiles.
  • Premium 144K Central Pack - 903MB file download (unpacks to 1.6GB of file storage required). 253,037 Tiles.
  • Premium 144K West Pack - 840MB file download (unpacks to 1.5GB of file storage required). 347,448 Tiles.
  • Total storage required for the app, including all offline resources and map packs is 5.8GB
  • To upload photos/comments within the app, you must be logged in with a registered ExplorOz account, which can be set-up in-app
  • To access Track Logging, you will need an ExplorOz Membership Subscription

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Customer Testimonials

Our travellers love our work, and always give us amazing reviews! We'd love to share.

This is the best value 4WD navigation tool out there. Latest version (3.6) adds some excellent features.

Over the last 16 years I have used Hema Maps on a laptop, a Garmin unit, OziExplorer & Hema Navigator. ExplorOz Traveller is the best I have used to date!

Great map, lots of detail. Made it easy to work out where to go and stay.

Great app and in conjunction with the EOTopo high resolution maps is all the mapping needed for remote travel.

My experience with electronic map systems have been an exercise in frustration so far, until ExplorOz Traveller