ExplorOz Traveller

ExplorOz Traveller is an Australian made GPS Navigation and Mapping app. Designed for any type of outdoor adventure in Australia it features full offline capability with mapping, navigation and tracking.

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The app that goes where you go

Planning and exploration made easy

  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Plan your route before or during your trip
  • Get travel time between each destination on your route
  • Detailed offline map keeps you safe in the bush and on the hill
  • Points of interest with daily updates across all of Australia
  • Navigation for Driving, Cycling, Walking or Straight-line
  • Automatic snail trail for easy backtracking
  • Share your track-log from app

ExplorOz Traveller app and the EOTopo offline maps complement each other to give you the confidence needed to explore the Australian outback. The app gives you access to more than 90,000 points of interest, built-in treks, navigation and amazing maps. It is designed specifically for those that enjoy remote outback camping trips but can be used for local commuting, cycling, hiking, driving or for longer distance touring such as caravan, motorbike and 4WD expeditions.

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No subscription fees - one time payment only

Traveller App

ExplorOz Traveller App
  • One time cost
  • Unlimited downloads for same OS
  • Access to all treks and points of interest
  • Online map covering all of Australia
  • Full screen 3D navigation

Only $59.99

EOTopo Offline Maps

ExplorOz EOTopo Maps
  • One time cost
  • High resolution mapset
  • Access all features offline
  • Covers all of Australia
  • Requires app

Only $49.99

Made in Australia

ExplorOz topographic maps (EOTopo) only covers Australia, this lets us focus on putting together the best and most up to date maps. We know tracks that you will not find in any other app. We are a family run company based in Perth and our passion for remote outback camping helps us build an app that we want to use. If you love finding those far-off places, we are sure that you will love it too! Local Help Desk in Australia available Monday - Friday. We answer the phone ourself, try us! +61 (8) 9403 3737

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App Explainer

Offline maps

Detailed maps that goes where you go

  • Bike, 4wd and hike trails
  • Covers the whole of Australia
  • Offline map detail the same as online
  • Useful for anyone exploring the outdoors
  • Offline zoom to 1:2,000 (2K) map scale
  • Free and paid camps

EOTopo Offline maps is a high resolution mapset available even when you do not have an internet connection, perfect for navigating rural areas. It covers the whole of Australia in high resolution. It is built from topographic data and includes extensive outback detail showing every dune, contour and unsealed bush track but also incorporates street level details, main roads, bridges, railways, buildings and POI features, When used in urban areas you will enjoy street level road data and when in outback areas you will see exceptional detail showing terrain features such as rivers, creeks, mountains, rocks, as well as boundaries for reserves, parks and forests together with the road data level including outback tracks, station tracks, 4WD trails and desert routes.

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Loved by motorbikers


Feel the open road

  • Find gas stations
  • Share your trip live with friends
  • Read camp- and trail comments from other travelers
  • Runs on mounted phone or tablet
  • Offline maps

ExplorOz Traveller app is used by long-distance motorbike drivers taking their beloved bikes all across the continent. With a phone or tablet mounted, the driver can easily follow turn-by-turn navigations in even the remotest regions.


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Take a hike with ExplorOz

Get out there

  • Explore confidently
  • Share your trip logs with family
  • Read camp- and trail comments from other hikers
  • Find your way back with automatic snail-trail
  • Stay safe with offline maps

Strap on your walking shoes and take a hike with ExplorOz. With our offline maps and snail trail, you can feel safe wherever the path takes you. Want to stay the night? Find campsites with good reviews and plan your hike directly in the app.

Take a hike


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Go off-road


Find your way

  • Turn by turn guidance
  • Follow self-drive trip plans
  • Add your own places and share your track-log
  • Build your navigatioin plan at home or on the road
  • Find nearby camps, service stations and points of interest
  • Exceptionally detailed online and offline maps
  • Automatic snail trail for easy backtracking
  • Share your trip live with friends

From the start, ExplorOz has helped drivers of caravans and 4WD vehicles to explore all ends of Australia. With the app on a mounted phone, tablet or display, you are ready for the road (mud, beach or abandoned dirt track).


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Buyers guide

ExplorOz Traveller App


Use the app on any number of devices with online maps
For example:

  • 2 apple devices
  • OR
  • 3 android devices

Only $59.99

App + EOTopo offline maps


Use the app on any number of devices with offline maps
For example:

  • 1 Apple Device PLUS EOTopo offline maps
  • OR
  • 1 Android Device PLUS EOTopo offline maps

Only $109.98

ExplorOz Traveller app is avaiable on iOS, Android and Windows for $59.99 and can be downloaded to multiple devices using the same OS for free. The EOTopo offline maps are available for a one time cost of $49.99 and can be used across all devices on which you have the app installed.

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