EOTopo is an enhanced topographic map of Australia. It incorporates street, road & track data with topographic detail & POI labelling for populated localities & campsites. The EOTopo mapset is a digital project managed by I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd. The mapset is available for purchase and download for exclusive use in the ExplorOz Traveller app.

EOTopo Description

EOTopo is a digital mapset covering the whole of Australia offering exceptional readability, clarity and high accuracy. The full mapset contains data to a map scale of 2K (1: 2,000). EOTopo is built from topographic data layers and incorporates street, road and track data with POI labelling for populated localities, campsites and points of interest.

EOTopo can be used here on this page within our free web-viewer. See EOTopo Online below. The free web-viewer offers a fullscreen mode (click icon left side), zoom controls, and data for the whole of Australia. This map can be used with device that has a web browser (ie. Chrome recommended).

The full high resolution map data is also available to use within the ExplorOz Traveller app. Acesss to the online maps is included within the app purchase, as well as access to download a LoRes version of EOTopo which enables offline use of the maps with a zoom to Level 9 (1:1,750,000 scale map data). Purchase of an EOTopo licence is required to download the full dataset with the 2K (1:2000) scale map data and Level 18 zoom for full offline access.

See details in the How to Buy section below.


New buyers of the current edition of the EOTopo 2021 mapset who purchase on/after the 1st Jan 2023 will get a free upgrade to the new EOTopo 2023 edition when it is released later in the year.

How to Buy EOTopo

The EOTopo licence can be purchased in the ExplorOz Traveller app as an in-app purchase or direct from us via our shop. This is a one-time payment. Click the "Recommended Item" below, or go to EOTopo map licences


To download the maps you will need the latest version of the ExplorOz Traveller app - check you have version 6.0.4



The Traveller app is designed with the expectation that you will have an EOTopo licence yes. Use of offline maps is necessary when travelling/driving in Australia due to patchy and sometimes non-existent mobile data service. The LoRes map pack is included for all Traveller app owners, even without an EOTopo licence. However, if you do not have an EOTopo 2021 licence in your account then you cannot download the HiRes and XHiRes packs. The Traveller app and EOTopo map licence are sold separately because you only need 1 EOTopo licence per user, regardless of how many devices you wish to put the maps onto. Note - if those devices are a mix of Apple, Android and/or Win10 platforms then you will need to purchase the Traveller licence for each platform you are using.


Yes but when you are offline, you will only have access to view the map at zoom level 9 as this is the extent of detail available in the LoRes map pack. A message will be displayed when you are viewing offline maps to advise that "more detailed offline maps are available". If you don't have an EOTopo licence you will still have full online access to the 3 online map sources, which are EOTopo 2021, Streets/Paths (OSM), and Satellite. You can make the decision that best suits your needs.


Online maps are immediately available when your device has a Wifi or mobile data connection (via SIM or hotspot). However, to view maps when offline you will need to have downloaded the EOTopo map packs first. The maps can ONLY be downloaded to any device from within the Traveller app - via the Data Manager linked to your ExplorOz account. The LoRes map pack is included for all buyers of ExplorOz Traveller so you can download this right away. To download the HiRes and XHiRes maps you will need to purchase the EOTopo 2021 licence. When you first purchase the EOTopo licence it syncs to your ExplorOz account when you next log into the Traveller app. When you use the Traveller app on any device you should be logged in to your ExplorOz account (User Account). By default, this will be an auto login after the first time you use the Getting Started Guide. When logged in, your EOTopo licence activates the download buttons in the Data Manager section of the app. The EOTopo 2021 mapset consists of 3 map pack downloads the LoRes, HiRes and XHiRes. The LoRes map pack is included for all Traveller app owners, even without an EOTopo licence. If you do not have an EOTopo 2021 licence in your account then you cannot download the HiRes and XHiRes packs.


The LoRes pack contains the map data for levels 1-9. HiRes contains map data for levels 9.1-12 but will allow zoom at full resolution to level 18. XHiRes adds the remaining detail for levels 12.1 - 18. This XHiRes pack might be considered optional for those that would prefer to avoid using the additional 2GB of storage that the XHiRes will require. This is personal choice. TIP: the type of map data in the XHiRes include minor fine detail that only appears above Level 12 showing buildings as well as all "short" roads/tracks including walk paths, bike tracks, bridle trails, unsealed roads/tracks in both residential and non-residential areas. The definition of "short" refers to 0.001 degree (approximates to 111 metres). Therefore if the road/track is less than 111m at the zoom scale you are viewing, it will not appear unless you have XHiRes map pack installed. It is recommended that if you have the available storage space that you should include the XHiRes download.


The first major difference is that the 2021 edition of EOTopo is no longer available in 2 options to suit different devices. EOTopo 2021 is now only available for use in the ExplorOz Traveller app. It has not been produced in any other formats to enable use in other mapping programs or devices. So to compare the EOTopo 2021 to EOTopo 2019 we will only compare to the app version of 2019 maps. There are 3 main differences.

The most obvious difference of the map data itself is the increased detail available in the 2021 edition via an increased zoom range. Previously 2019 offline maps offered up to 144K map detail (1:144,000) on Level 12 and overzoom levels above this and for every odd zoom level between 1-12. The 2021 map set however, offers up to 2K map detail (1:2,000) on Level 18 with no overzoom so all map levels are super clear high resolution. This means, that when the full EOTopo 2021 mapset is downloaded, the offline maps are the same as the online maps, which was not the case with the 2019 mapset.

The second major difference is that the map data has been fully revised/updated from the latest sources as you would expect. This means new major freeways, highways, and suburban roads and developments are included as at February 2021. Revisions and updates to regional and outback roads has also been done. Changes to names and boundaries of Parks and Reserves (increase use of Aboriginal park names) have been done, etc. The whole look and feel of the map is different due to a new stylesheet.

The 3rd major difference is that the labels on the map (road names, symbols, town names etc) will now rotate as the map rotates when you view the map whilst you are moving. This is made possible due to building our maps in Vector rather than Raster.


There is no discount or upgrade pathway from the 2019 to 2021 product. The 2021 product is a totally new product being a vector map set. Purchase of the EOTopo 2021 mapset can be made direct from us using the shop on our website or you can use the in-app purchase link in the ExplorOz Traveller (purchase with your app store account). Please note that when you purchase in-app the app store will take a commission from the sale before paying our monthly sales earnings, hence whilst there is no cost difference to you, it makes an enormous difference to us as a small business.


No but you can if you prefer. If you already have 2019 maps downloaded you can keep these and still download the 2021 map packs. You will have the option in the map layer tool to select which maps to view when offline. Note: storage of the entire EOTopo 2021 mapset is 4.917GB and can be downloaded to SD. The total download is 1739MB. TIP: if you choose to delete the 2019 mapset we recommend clearing the entire offline map database before attempting to install the 2021 map packs. To do this, go to the Menu (top left of app) and select Settings - then scroll down until you see the heading for DATABASE RESETS, and tap the red button labelled "CLEAR MAPS DB". Then open the Data Manager (via the menu) and download the EOTopo 2021 LoRes pack, then the HiRes pack and then the XHiRes pack.


No - EOTopo 2021 is a vector mapset only. OziExplorer is not compatible with vector mapsets. Past versions of EOTopo were raster and we are no longer building raster mapsets as this is old technology that does not permit high resolution data in reasonably small file sizes such as can be achieved with Vector. EOTopo 2021 is only available to use if you have the ExplorOz Traveller app.

EOTopo Online

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Get Traveller App Get the ExplorOz Traveller App to use this map for navigational use on your tablet, phone, iPad or laptop.

About this Map

The online map above is displaying the new 2021 map data, which is a vector map output. This web-based map viewer is not identical to the map engine within the ExplorOz Traveller app but gives a similar representation. In the downloadable map packs, the map will not display shaded relief/hill shading. Use the tools on the left side of the map screen to enlarge to full screen and to zoom. If you tap the + or - controls you can increase the zoom level in whole number increments but if you pinch zoom with your fingers or use a roller wheel on a mouse you can zoom by incremental levels (ie. 10.1, 10.2, 10.3...).


If you have EOTopo 2019 installed you will retain use of those maps as the new V6 Traveller app can support use of both the 2019 raster and 2021 vector via the layers toolbar.

ECW & OZF Raster Download

The downloads available here require raster mapping software such as OziExplorer, Track Ranger, HN7 etc and are for older versions of maps (up to 2019). The EOTopo 2021 edition is not available in Raster format.

User Licence

EOTopo is licenced to a single customer by name, which is registered in our database. Each licence allows use on any personal devices owned/used by that customer.


The data provided via this download service (MEDIA) contains material which is Copyright I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd. All information, text, material, graphics and software (CONTENT) on the MEDIA are Copyright © 2023 I.T Beyond Pty Ltd. The CONTENT is protected by Australian and international copyright and trademark laws. You must not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload to a third party, post, transmit or distribute this CONTENT in any way except as provided for in this User Licence.

Disclaimer & Limitation of Liability

I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd provides no warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose for CONTENT provided on this MEDIA.

EOTopo incorporates Data which is © Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia) 2008. The Data has been used in EOTopo with the permission of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth has not evaluated the Data as altered and incorporated within EOTopo, and therefore gives no warranty regarding its accuracy, completeness, currency or suitability for any particular purpose.

EOTopo incorporates Data which is © OpenStreetMap contributors.

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