Dead Man's Foot or Horse Dung Fungus

Family: Pisolithaceae
Genus: Pisolithus
Species: albus
Main Flower Colour: Other


Not pretty; but as its common along roads and tracks its worth including. Its a very common yellow-brown puff-ball fungus, that grows in a mycorrhizal relationship with at least Eucalyptus species. Pisolithus fungi are very widespread, especially in gravel and along the edges of bitumen roads. They even push up through bitumen! The rounded yellow-brown puffballs grow singly or in clumps, and each puffball can reach 8 cm across. Inside the skin, there is a dark mass of small (4 mm across) pea-like spore-bearing bodies called peridioles. Over time they break down releasing a mass of brown powdery spores.


The main flower colour is other.

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Bio Regions

Great Sandy Desert (GSD), South Eastern Highlands (SEH)

Region Specifics

Canning Stock Route

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