Blue Heronsbill

Family: Geraniaceae
Genus: Erodium
Species: cygnorum
Main Flower Colour: Blue


A spash of bright blue against red sand - Erodium cygnorum is a low growing herb commonly found in sandy desert areas. Leaves have 3 main lobes each of which is roughly oval in shape with a lobed margin. Stems, leaves and sepals slightly hairy. There are 5 blue or purplish petals with purple or red veins. The elongated seedpod (mericarp) breaks longitudinally into 5 parts each with a spirally coiled "tail" (awn).


The main flower colour is blue. 5-petalled blue flowers, elongated seedpod breaking into mericarps.

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Bio Regions

Gawler (GAW)

Region Specifics

near Andamooka, SA

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