The Barramundi

Occupies the warmer waters in the tropical regions of Australia. A versatile fish living in both salt and freshwater. Species in estuarine waters generally has a silvery bronze colour whilst landlocked barra reveal darker tones.

 Catching a Barramundi

Responds well to soft and hard body lures using techniques such as casting and retrieving. If you are around snags, mangrove roots or rocky outcrops, large minnow pattern lures prove to be quite popular. Another popular method is using heavier weighted (4 to 10 kg) fly gear with live bait such as mullet or prawns.

Sport Value

When a barramundi is hooked, it will often clear itself from the water several times and make long forceful runs. This aggressive fighting nature is what makes this fish exciting to catch


4 - 10kg on the main line with 1m trace wire. No. 3/0 to 5/0 hooks on a medium spinning or baitcaster rig. Can also use Minnow deep diving lures or surface crawlers


Herring, Garfish, Hardiheads, Poddy mullet, Prawns

 Eating a Barramundi

Mild flavours and low to medium oils. Flesh is pristine white in colour with a moist texture. Medium to thick fillets can be cut and there are only a few large bones which are easily removed.
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