The Coral Trout

One of the most highly sought after reef fish in the northern tropics of Australia. Exhibits strikingly beautiful body colour ranging from greenish brown and pinkish grey in the shallower reefs to brick red and bright rich red in the deeper waters. Large coral trouts (8kgs and over) in certain areas may have ciguatera toxins, therefore it is highly advisable to obtain local advice.

 Catching a Coral Trout

Coral trout is a tropical reef dwelling fish, so it’s ideal to suspend baits just off the bottom and pay attention to accurate anchoring techniques. Another method is to use large surface poppers (lightweight lures) and cast over coral shallows, skipping them back over the drop-off into deeper waters

Sport Value

Hard hitting fish that heads to the cover of reef holes and crevices


10 - 30kgs on the main line. Medium to Heavy boat rod. Ideal with a snapper reef rig setup with a sinker and two droppers. Use No. 2 - 10 hooks. Minnow, Minnow Deep Diving and Slice lures can also be used.


Freshly cut fish flesh, prawns or squid, pilchard, live minnow, hardiheads

 Eating a Coral Trout

Highly sought after fish that features, mild and delicate sweet white flesh, firm fine flakes, low oiliness and provides thick fillets with few bones that are easily removed
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