The Mulloway

Prefers the deeper waters and usually found in major southern surf beaches, offshore reefs, estuarine rivers and lake systems. Features a lateral line of silver or bronze scales with colours ranging from shades of green to blues and purples.

 Catching a Mulloway

Catches are generally made at dusk or a few hours after sunset. A good strong beach or surf rod should be used and the rig should consist of a heavy sinker such as a star type which will keep the bait anchored to the ocean floor, whilst applying a slow retrieval technique to capture their interest.

Sport Value

Offers a hard run on strike followed by two or so smaller runs


6 - 12kgs on the main line with No. 4/0 to 8/0 ganged hooks for whole or bait fillets. Longshank No. 5/0 hook for worms


mullet, pilchards, whiting, prawns, squid, beach worms

 Eating a Mulloway

Large adult Mulloway (over 6kgs) is well respected for its fine table qualities, however those under 3kgs often have soft flesh that is rather flavourless – hence the nickname ‘soapy’.
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