The Sand Flathead

This fish species is normally found in abundant numbers and feeds on vast sandy areas in bays and inlets. Sand Flathead are found in southern VIC (including TAS), coastal QLD and southern WA.

 Catching a Sand Flathead

Sand flathead prefer shallow marine waters of 15 to 25m in depth. Continue to search likely spots until the school is found. Fish localize in numbers early in morning.

Sport Value

A relatively medium fighting fish when light tackle is used


Use 5kg main line with a 1m monofilament leader. No. 4/0 hooks using live bait. Paternoster rig with a running sinker or two droppers should be well responded.


Octopus, blue bait, pippi, prawn, squid, mullet, fish flesh

 Eating a Sand Flathead

Superb table fish which feature a finely textured flesh that may be yellow, white, pink or grey. The flesh is medium to dry, low oiliness with a distinct flavour. There are bones in the front third of the fillet.
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