The Silver Trevally

Most common species of trevally. Widely distributed, from southern Queensland right around the southern states to as far north as North West Cape in WA. Found around reefs and open headlands.

 Catching a Silver Trevally

Surf dwelling silver trevally are often found in deeper water behind the breakers at the corners of beaches. Suspend your bait under a float in big washes around rocks can be good. Also, spin with silver wobblers over weed beds.

Sport Value

Provides good sport on light lines. Can be a rather fast and dirty fighter


Use 3kgs on the main line with No.4 to 2/0 Mustad or Beak hooks. Spoon lures can also be effective


Fish strips, whole peeled prawns, squid, worms, whitebait, pipi, nippers

 Eating a Silver Trevally

Nice table fish with flesh revealing strong flavour, low to high oiliness and medium to firm texture. The flesh which ranges in colour from pale pinkish, yellowish white to reddish brown can also be rather dry and medium to thick fillets can be obtained from larger species
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