The Tailor

Predominantly an ocean fish found in the southern states of Australia. Predatory fish with a mid-sized elongated body, large mouth lined with small but very sharp teeth. Are often caught from surf beaches, rocky headlands and wash areas where they can be seen tearing up the surface and even jumping out of the water.

 Catching a Tailor

Usually landed using pilchards or garfish on a three-ganged hook. This can be un-weighted (using just the weight of the bait) especially when fishing of rocky headlands or with sinkers floats when extra distance is needed for beach fishing. Chrome slices or spoon lures are also a popular choice

Sport Value

Predatory schooling fish with sharp teeth provides a surprisingly hard fight with plenty of stamina and speed for its size


Use a light to medium rig. 3 - 7kgs on the main line with wire trace. No. 2 - 7 mustad or ganged hooks. Chrome slices or spoon lures are also a popular choice


Pilchard, Blue bait, White bait, Fish flesh, Garfish, Live minnow, Pippi, Poddy mullet, Prawn, Squid

 Eating a Tailor

Eating qualities are good with tasty flesh that is flaky, mildly flavoured and a touch oily. Fresh tailor is soft and care is needed because the slightly grey meat bruises very easily
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