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Every few months you can expect us to release some sort of app update. These are free and are delivered to your device via your app store. Sometimes updates will occur because we have added new features to the app, improved existing features based on user feedback, improved performance, or fixed bugs.

How do Updates Affect Me?

As a developer, we are constantly working to ensure your experience when using our product is stable however when your device gets an operating system update (whether its Apple's iOS, or Android) there can be a knock-on effect where such an update causes a new glitch that we have to address. We usually know of any such problems very quickly and as we are a local developer we can typically turn around any fixes within 1-48 hours. Although it may seem inconvenient to update your app frequently you should endeavour to update each release as it becomes available

How to Check for Updates

If you use the Auto Update feature in your app store account, then you may not get notifications when Traveller has an update available. Your device's App Store, PlayStore, and Microsoft Store will keep tabs on which apps have updates available and run them automatically. Automatic updates are often scheduled to occur around midnight, so you may not even notice them. Unless it is a major update, the minor updates will be seamless and can be completed without any impact on your app data, and only take about 1 minute to install. The size of the app itself is around 10MB and being so small, these app updates can be safely done when on the road travelling via your mobile data service.

Alternatively, you can update at a time of your own choosing and wait for notifications that an update is available. This is done by disabling the Auto Update option in your app store account. You can control each app individually or set the same option across all apps you have downloaded. When you disable the Auto Update option, you'll have to open your app store (Playstore, App Store, Microsoft) and check for update notifications in your account. If there has been an update released for any of your apps, a notification will appear and you'll find an update button alongside the name of the app.

Another way you'll be alerted to new updates is when you open the app. If the device is online, and you don't have the current release the Traveller app launch screen will display a notification that a new update is available. This message will also explains the features of the update so you can determine how you wish to respond to the notification. Note this message only appears on booting the app open. This notification can be dismissed by choosing OK or Remind Me Later. Neither action will perform the update. To get the update, you still need to open your app store program and follow the steps given in the paragraph above. Alternatively, just search ExplorOz Traveller in the store and you'll be presented with a button to Update.

Do I have to do every update?

We understand that many of our customers might be in the middle of a trip where device stability is imperative and internet service is patchy. If you are travelling and have not experienced any problems with the app then it's probably best to not update during your trip and wait until you are back home. However, if you are experiencing issues, then an update might fix the issue. Version notes for major releases and feature improvements will help you make that decision.

Here's some tips to help you know what type of update we have released and whether you should update:-

Major Version Updates

Major updates are indicated by a new number at the front (eg. v8.0). A version update will occur if we are providing you with access to new map content, a new app layout, or new major features. These affect your usage of the app and will come with a completely new User Manual. We do not recommend updating to a major release whilst you are in the middle of a remote outback trip in case a new problem is introduced that requires further updates that you may not be able to access in a timely manner. If your app is working fine then just keep using it and delay the update to when you return home.

Additional Functionality

Improvements to features within a version are released as a point release (eg. v7.4 to v7.5). We would normally recommend you perform these updates if you are currently experiencing any issues that seem unusual even if away. If you are away and are not affected then there is no need to update immediately. You can review the release notes in the update notification to see what's been changed.

Minor Patches & Bug Fixes

Minor updates without any visual change to the app look/feel will be released as a second decimal point release (eg. v8.0.1). We recommend you perform these updates immediately.

Version History

Release notes are available for your reference before you download an update. These are available in the following areas:
  • Our webpage - go to the ExplorOz Traveller webpage and open the tab titled Version History.
  • Your App store - open the ExplorOz Traveller app listing to view the What's New text.
  • The About screen - within the Traveller app on your device, open the Menu - select Manuals & About. The About section contains a link to open Version History.

Not every version we create makes it to public release - many version numbers are allocated for testing so don't be concerned if you see a release skip a series of version numbers. eg. v8.0 is the current major release but due to a lot of closed testing to add support for the Carpe Iter and for Android Auto/CarPlay AI box adapters, this was only publicly released as v8.0.11


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