The Black Bream

Found in southern waters from the lower coast of WA to southern NSW. Generally an estuarine species where it feeds on marine worms and shellfish. Colour ranges from dull gold to silvery olive brown.

 Catching a Black Bream

Bream usually feed together in small schools in depths of approx 2 to 6m. Using a light rig with a ball running sinker should be suffice. Look for bream in snags or lit up areas at night.

Sport Value

Bream exhibit moderate sport on light lines. May behave erratically when hooked, usually dashing and darting about in short bursts


Use 2 - 6kgs on the main line. Light rig and No. 4 to 1/0 hook. No. 4 to 8 longshank hooks with worms or prawns work well too


Worms (garden or sand variety), shrimp, prawn, chicken, bass yabbies (nippers), mussel

 Eating a Black Bream

Sweet mild and distinctive taste. White flesh, low oil and moist with medium fillets. Bream from estuaries may have a coarser flavour and for optimum taste - needs to be bled and gutted soon after capture.
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