The Blue Threadfin Salmon

Found predominantly in northern coastal waters from WA to Queensland. Prefers warmer estuarine waters and tends to keep rather close to the coast line - around bays, estuaries, beaches and rivers.

 Catching a Blue Threadfin Salmon

Using live prawns or small fish may prove useful around creek mouths on a high but falling tide. Minnow and spoon lures or bushy saltwater flies can also be used with success in the shallows.

Sport Value

Good sporting fish with great fighting ability and speed. Sometimes performs exciting aerobatics when hooked.


Use medium tackle with 10kg main line with 30cm wire trace rated at around 20kgs. Use No. 6/0 to 8/0 ganged hooks


Live Prawns, Garfish, Herring and Poddy mullet

 Eating a Blue Threadfin Salmon

An excellent table fish and is very versatile for cooking. Has tender firm white flesh with low oiliness. Medium to thick pieces can be cut for fillets or steaks. There are bones in the fillets but are easily removed.
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