The John Dory

Dwells in the southern coastal waters of Australia from southern QLD to WA. They are an unusual looking fish and reveal a thumb-like spot on either side of its body. Usually habitat the bottom of deep offshore waters close to reef or rocky environments. Winter migration brings the species to shallower estuaries and bays.

 Catching a John Dory

Use live baits such as yellowtail with the tail clipped and set it near the bottom of the bed. Floats can be used to assist.

Sport Value

Poor sports fish because of its very limited fighting abilities


3 - 8kgs on the main line and 2/0 to 4/0 beak hooks on light gear. Paternoster reef or running sinker rigs work well.


Live Yellowtail, Mullet, Octopus, Pilchard, Prawn, Slimy mackerel (blue), Squid

 Eating a John Dory

Fine table fish with a high price to match. They have very succulent, white, sweet, finely textured flesh that exhibits low oil. There are not many bones which are easily removed.
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