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Tuesday, Jan 27, 2009 at 18:26

Bonz (Vic)

Australia Day Pyrenees Trip 2009

It all seemed to be a well arranged day. Members Bonz, JohnR, TrevorDavid along with Lucy and new inductee SeaKing were all organised for the day. On the way to Elmhurst Lucy called to advise he was "running a little late" due to fluid change problems the night before. An alternative meet point was arranged for him and his skilled navigator and 8yr old grandson Jake, and all others met at Elmhurst as arranged. SeaKing had his family with him, and we were introduced as we caught up and also met TrevorDavid's delightful wife who was there to keep him company also as was JohnR (different spouse though!). Bonz had his daughter and her friend and faithful companion "Lily". We set off for GlenPatrick.

We aired down at GlenPatrick Reserve and re-acquainted ourselves with the members of CityWest 4WD club who had camped there for the long weekend. Great bunch of people they are. JohnR mentioned that maybe we should join the club seeing we attend most of their Pyrenees outings.

Emery track was first tackled and SeaKing being the least experienced was coached up the track by expert directions from JohnR leading the pask. This obviously paid off as SeaKing executed a perfect ascent of Old Tiger Cat track later in the day impressing all onlookers. We turned onto Old Mill track and then followed around to Spring Gully Rd where Lucy was tasked to meet us. He was, of course, lost and a couple of phone calls and aforementioned expert navigation from Jake, got him to the meeting site, running 2 hours late. It didn't matter, the day was glorious and it was a good chance to catch up with everyone.

We then tackled Old King Tree track, which was described by Blaze as "near vertical" and with little trouble managed our way to the top and off to Camerons Campground for lunch. As mentioned, SeaKing, nailed Old Tiger Cat and I am sure that some of the CityWest members who observed his effortless ascent also had a go spurred on by his example.

We then headed over to Old Bluff track and descended this track. It was very rough at the top and it was commented that it would sure be a challenge going up the track, but the dry weather and lots of traction would've been working in your favour. We then stopped for a drink at Waterfalls campground and another catch-up where Lucy opened the bonnet of his Troopy pointing out all his work since retirement. There's plenty of room for the intercooler in there, so we expect to see one there in the near future.

From Waterfalls we travelled Schmidt track, the bottom of Gollops, GlenGully track and then up Lever Track and Radigans back to the top. Great view all along these tracks as the day was sunny and clear. We then Came down Point Patrick track and aired up at the bottom more drinks and off home for the day.

It was great to meet new people and to catch up with old friends on the day. Most important and fitting is that we spent Australia Day in the Australian bush with good friends, and in the end, that's what enriches all our lives. Love the Pyrenees, anyone want to head back up there this weekend?

Thanx to all who came along and made the day great!

Bonz and trip initiator.

by the way, I have Ozi plots of Pyrenees tracks if anyone is interested.
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