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Wednesday, Oct 19, 2016 at 20:42


Keeping devices such as phones, tablets, cameras and GPS units charged when you are camped for several days has become easy with these Powertraveller products, available for a limited time at an awesome price!

Powermonkey Extreme - 12V Solar Charger (Black)

RRP $249.95 - Our Price Just $181.21 (Save 27.5%)

The Powermonkey Extreme houses a massive 9000mAh capacity Lithium Polymer battery and offers users real power in a compact, durable shell. The unit is capable of recharging most 5V devices, (including an iPhone/smart phones up to 4 times, a Garmin Edge 800 up to 6 times, standard mobiles up to 8 times and iPad up to 2 times depending on the model).

Featuring a 5V USB socket as well as a DC port with 12V output, the Powermonkey Extreme is also capable of charging SLR camera batteries, portable DVD players and much more directly from the unit, while being lightweight and compact enough for even the most space-conscious traveller. This device also includes a female in-car socket so if users only have an in-car charger for their device, they can now recharge it directly from the Powermonkey Extreme.

The Powermonkey Extreme can be recharged in three ways; via the universal mains charger, via the solar panel or via USB. The rugged, clam-shell design solar panel offers 3 Watt max output, allowing full recharge of the within 18-22 hours in optimum light conditions. The device also has a solar energy detection feature which activates the incorporated state-of-the-art MPPT (maximum power point tracker) technology, allowing the solar panel to charge the Powermonkey unit more efficiently in low light conditions. Users can also simultaneously use the solar panel to charge the Powermonkey Extreme whilst it is charging their device.

Solarmonkey Adventurer - Solar Charger

RRP $149.95 - Our Price Just $108.71 (Save 27.5%)

The award-wining solarmonkey adventurer is a slimline solar powered charger with integrated battery. When size and weight is at a premium, this product is the perfect solution.

Incorporating a 3500mAh internal lithium polymer battery, the 2015 solarmonkey adventurer features a 4-colour LED light to show level of charge left in the internal battery and a 5V 2 Amp output which enables efficient charging of mobile devices.

This charger is compatible with a whole host of 5V devices and can charge an iPhone / smartphone 1-2 times, a GPS 1-3 times or an iPad by up to 25%.  It is also compatible with head lamps, e-readers, hand-held action cameras and much more.

The slim, compact design offers optimum weight-to-efficiency at just 265g and the 2 solar panels output 3 watt max.  The adventurer features auto-load, self sensing switching technology, meaning when a device is connected, the adventurer will automatically start to charge your device and will optimise the charging parameters required.
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