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Meal planning and preparation can be a challenge when you're travelling, and a variety of factors will influence both the ingredients you have to work with, and how you cook them. The ExplorOz Online Shop stocks a range of Cookbooks from the experts on creating delicious meals on the road, below is a selection of our most popular titles:

Cookbook Packs

A Woman's Look Cook Book Pack

This 2-book Pack includes A Woman's Look at Camping and Cooking (4th Edition), & A Woman's Look at Camping - Cook Book. Available for only $53.91 ($50.92 for Members). More about these titles:

"A Woman's Look at Camping and Cooking" contains essential knowledge for camping in Australia. Included in this publication are many helpful hints for hassle free holidays and advice on all the planning and preparation needed to have a successful and fun camping trip, as well as over 150 camping recipes. With advice from "how to survive as a navigating passenger" to a "long weekend checklist", and created by two avid campers, this book is a fantastic resource for everyone who enjoys holidaying in the Great Outdoors. (194 Pages)

"A Woman's Look at Camping - Cook Book" includes recipes, hints, tips and more! Featuring spectacular landscape photography accompanied by happy hassle free recipes, you may open the book to read the recipes, but you will be drawn in by the pictorial natural wonders of Australia. There are hundreds of how-to techniques, Camp Oven and Dream Pot recipes, and kitchen essentials checklists. All recipes have been field tested on their own to ensure "Happy Hassle Free Camping Holidays". (112 Pages).

[Image not found]Australian Bush & Camp Oven Cooking Pack

This 2-book Pack includes Australian Bush Cooking, & Australian Camp Oven Cooking. Available for only $62.91 ($59.42 for Members). More about these titles:

"Australian Bush Cooking - Spiral Bound" is an essential ingredient for every bush cook’s larder. From roasts to rissoles, salads to savouries and dampers to desserts, Australian Bush Cooking will help bring a tempting new twist to your camp cooking whether it’s over an open fire, on a gas cooker or in your caravan or camper’s kitchen. (255 Pages)

Just because you’re camping or caravanning doesn’t mean you have to give up delicious home-cooked meals. The art of camp oven cooking is now as simple as cooking a barbecue. "Australian Camp Oven Cooking - Perfect Bound" is packed full of easy and tempting recipes using basic readily-available ingredients, impress the whole family with fresh damper, hearty stews, delectable desserts and classic roast dinners. Featuring over 130 tempting and easy recipes, as well as advice on choosing and caring for equipment, this is the perfect book to take on your next camping trip. (240 Pages)

Viv Moons Cookbook Pack

This 2-book Pack contains Viv Moons Outdoor and Travellers Cookbooks (both spiral bound). Available for only $44.91 ($42.42 for Members). More about these titles:

"Viv Moons Outdoor Cookbook" includes recipes for just about everything including breakfast, lunch, soup, asian meals, wraps, desserts, damper, breads, pies, casseroles and more! Features; 13 pages on Meal Planning, Food Preparation & Packing, 8 pages on Camp Oven cooking, 4 pages on other cooking equipment, 80 pages of recipes. (120 Pages)

"Viv Moons Travellers Cookbook" has been written to help you get the most out of cooking during your travels, whether you are camping, 4WD touring, caravanning or simply holidaying. With 186 recipes to choose from you will be sure to find a tempting meal to cook. The recipes can be used for BBQ's, Gas Stoves, in your caravan or camper, on camp fires and in a camp oven. Includes an invaluable and very comprehensive chapter on 'Weighs, Measures & Conversions' which will help you convert weights to cup measurements. (136 Pages)

Most Popular Cookbooks

The Complete Caravan Chef
Combining the popular Caravan Chef and Caravan Chef 2 recipe books, Eva Stovern's latest cookbook includes 30 new recipes, including 10 desserts. The Complete Caravan Chef features delicious and easy recipes for preparing satisfying, tasty meals in a campervan or cabin, or at a campsite, plus plenty of useful tips on equipment, utensils and storage. In this edition, Eva also provides instructions for using thermal cookware in a caravan kitchen, with step-by-step directions for cooking a range of dishes. Available for $29.95 ($28.45 for Members).

Cooking On The Move
This delightful 160 page book provides delicious, tasty and quick recipes for those cooking on the move and limited by time or exotic ingredients.Its detailed instructions on how to use your barbecue, camp oven, Dream Pot, Safari and Shuttle Chef and Misty Gully Smokehouse will make you an instant ‘on the road’ cooking expert.

You’ll find many of your old favourites in these pages plus plenty of new and improved recipes that are sure to please. Spiral bound for ease of use, ingredients and cooking times are featured on each ‘wipe clean’ recipe page.Cooking has never been so easy for those constantly on the road or in the bush.Available for $24.99 ($23.74 for Members).

Pat Callinan's Recipes From The Road
"Pat Callinan's 4x4 Adventures, Recipes from the Road" is a superb companion for anyone who wants to travel the countryside and eat really, really well. Whether you're a camper, caravanner, motor-homer or four-wheel driver, you and your fellow travellers will benefit greatly from this cookbook.

The glovebox sized book contains 99 recipes covering breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks plus chapters on the Bush Bakery and the Bush Barista, the book also comes with a bonus Bush Cooking DVD featuring cooking from Pat, Duncan Elliott, the Flying Chef and Ernie Dingo and Jo Clews.
Available for $30 ($28.50 for Members).

Cooking In The Great Outdoors with Tommo
Popular outdoor chef, Tommo has released his all-new book on cooking in the great outdoors, spiral bound with dozens of outdoor recipes. Available for $19.99 ($18.99 for Members).

Don't forget to also check out our Recipes Section for tried and tested recipes from other ExplorOz'ers!
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