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From which ingredients to bring with (and which to buy on the road), how to store them, and how you'll cook them while travelling, cooking on the road poses a unique challenge to travellers. Regardless of the length of time that you're away from home, careful menu planning and knowledge of camp cooking techniques will make your trip a far more stress free experience.

The ExplorOz Shop carries a comprehensive range of cookbooks and some nifty cooking utensils, and this guide will help you decide which will give you the best advice when planning your shopping, meals, and how to cook them.


Outback Cooking in a Camp Oven
A classic title that has just arrived back in the ExplorOz shop, this book is extremely popular with travellers who wish to get the best out of their Camp Oven, and cook classic recipes designed with the outback in mind. This book has received a perfect 5 star rating from ExplorOz customers.

A Woman's Look at Camping - Cook Book
Julie and Regina are keen campers, and are sharing their "look" at all things camp cooking related. This is a comprehensive title containing hundreds of how-to techniques, Camp Oven and Dream Pot recipes, and kitchen essentials checklists. Another 5 star rated resource, you'll be very happy to have this resource when planning your next trip.

Viv Moons Cookbook Pack
This list wouldn't be complete without featuring this pack, which contains the excellent Viv Moons Outdoor Cookbook and Viv Moons Travellers Cookbook. Ron and Viv Moon are experts in travel to some of Australia's most remote locations (and also publish an excellent range of travel guides), and Viv has brought this experience to her cookbooks, ensuring that no matter where you go, you'll be eating delicious and easy to prepare meals.

Australian Bush Cooking - Spiral Bound
Written by Cathy Savage (from the Boiling Billy team), this book is now in it's third edition and has proved to be extremely popular among travellers for its easy and tempting recipes made from basic ingredients. It covers a range of recipes from snacks to desserts, as well as a range of cooking options from open fire to gas cooker techniques. There are also tips on different types of bush cooking gear, advice on menu planning and hints on building the right type of cooking fire.

Cooking Utensils:

Camping Stove Windscreen
If you've every tried to use a gas camping stove in windy conditions, you'll know how frustrating (and very time consuming) a process this can be (particularly if you're famished after a long day of driving/setting us camp). This windscreen is compact in size when stored, but folded out it will provide an effective barrier to shield your camping stove from the elements. Perfect for use with a stove on a slide out or camp kitchen, it will cut down cooking time and gas usage.

Go Fresh Water Straw
Save on space and make use of natural water resources with the Go Fresh Water Straw which removes 99.99% of Bacteria, Virus, Chemicals and Pesticides from water. Perfect for water used for cooking, as you can attach the straw to a standard drink bottle for filtering into a saucepan etc. Also handy for sourcing water used for washing fruit and veg.

Kitchen Sink
The 10L Kitchen Sink by Sea to Summit is the perfect size for washing dishes, as well as numerous other uses (just check the reviews tab to see how ExplorOz'ers have utilised this product in many different travel situations). It also packs away into a tiny pouch which means hardly any weight/space is taken up when on the road. A must have item!
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