Alice to Sonder Happy Walk for Outback Suicide Prevention

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Alice to Sonder Happy Walk for Outback Suicide Prevention
Saturday 19th to Wednesday 28th May 2012

Alice to Sonder Happy Walk for Outback Suicide Prevention is exactly what it says. An awareness walk from Alice Springs to Mt Sonder following the Larapinta Trail across the Western MacDonnell Ranges for outback suicide prevention.

The outback, or bush, has very little in the way of mental health services available, especially in the more remote communities amongst groups who do not speak English and don't have access to mobile phones, landlines or internet. Suicide numbers are high and there is a significant number of vulnerable people struggling in silence.

Through this campaign I hope to raise awareness in Alice and across Australia, promote community support networks, give out Happy Walk information cards and help people understand they are not alone.

This will be a very fast paced trek. I don't believe a campaign for something so painful should be easy so I will be using my physical pain to drive me on as I think of the many Australians struggling with depression, anxiety, bullying, self harm, suicidal thoughts, the 2000 who take their lives each year and the grieving friends and family they have left behind.

It is a very personal campaign, as a suicide survivor on the long road of recovery I understand how dark and lonely life can feel but know there is always help available. This campaign is a personal awareness walk, part of my own path to healing. I have not organised it as an event but will welcome anyone who would like to keep me company so long as you are responsible for your own walking, camping and transport needs.

The Itinerary

Starting from the Alice Springs YHA

Day 1 Simpson Gap 24km
Day 2 Jay Creek 24km
Day 3 Brinkley Bluff 25km
Day 4 Hugh Gorge 22km
Day 5 Ellery Creek 30km
Day 6 Serpentine Chalet Dam 28km
Day 7 Waterfall Gorge (Ochre Pits) 24km
Day 8 Finke River 26km
Day 9 Redbank Gorge 25km
Day 10 Mt Sonder 16km
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