Canning Stock Route Time Lapse - Sept 2013

Monday, Sep 30, 2013 at 18:00

17 South

It's been on the bucket list for a while... I've crossed it several times and did it for work in 2011 (Mercedes G-Class advertorial) but finally I got to do the Canning Stock Route, my way.

Set out on a brisk morning from Wiluna in at the end of September 2013 and spent 22 days travelling north...

Great journey and great time of year - pretty much all the tourist trade were gone and the weather was still moderate...

I time-lapsed the journey on my Go-Pro.

Here are the links..

Canning Stock Route Time Lapse on Vimeo

Canning Stock Route Photography on Flickr

On My Profile Page under Treks are several alternate routes and/or detours on the CSR. These detours were all part of the CSR at one time or another and range between 40-70kms. If you have time and fuel - and don't mind some backtracking they make excellent and interesting circuits.

GoPro vs Power vs the Outback
Power supply is always an issue with the GoPro so this was my fix.
1) Used a soldering iron to melt a hole into a waterproof GoPro housing to the size of a mini-usb plug.
2) Used a file to clean up, square off and slightly enlarge the hole
3) Put in a rubber grommet (from Bunnings) to seal around the mini-usb to make it dust-proof and also minimise vibration (USBs are a tenuous connection at best!).
4) Bought 2 weatherproof USB ports (they make them for motorbikes) and hard-wired them into the vehicle front and rear.
5) That's it - permanent power supply and well-protected camera

Wildling from the North
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