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The tour was really good and gave a good insight into was really goes on here. The Opal fields are huge and there are holes and mounds of dirt everywhere. Went to the Museum which was an old mine and you could see Opal in the walls. The Breakaways was good when looking at them it’s hard to believe that they have not been touched or disturbed by man. Done some noddling the next morning after we had packed up and we all found heaps of potch and some lovely examples of the different coloured Opal, not enough to fund another 6 months off though.
Drove until 3p.m and decide to spend the night at the Marryat rest stop. I thought it would be a good idea to drive down to the creek bed and camp in there away from the road. “Hmmm that looks soft” Maz said 2 minutes later I say this will do. Everyone gets out and yes we are bogged again! This time better than the last. Luckily a guy staying in the rest stop came down with his Max Tracks and helped get us out. Another bogging, another 1 1/2hrs this time with some damage to the jockey wheel that is easily fixed. Set up where I should off and had a couple of cold beers to soothe the pain. This time Alex took photos and video footage.
Wednesday 29th April, Headed off next morning stopping at the border for a couple of snaps, a lot of people choose to spend the night here with heaps of tables and toilets provided. We stopped at Marla for fuel dearest so far $1:87 then we had lunch at Curtin Springs which is a lovely place to stop. There is also free overnight camping here and heaps to see for a night. Got into Ayres Rock and got an unpowered site for 3 nights stay 2 get the 3rd free $110. Really nice camp site with good showers and a pool which again was freezing but we had to try it. We watched the sunset at a camp lookout over Ayres Rock which was good.
Got to Ayres rock at 9:00 ready to climb but hopes were dashed when a big sign said rock closed due to high winds. So we decided to do the base walk which is 10.6kms long and it took about 2 ½ hrs. The Rock is an awesome sight and you feel so completely dwarfed by it. It was an easy level walk around the base but there was heaps of spots were you were asked not to take photos due to that part of the rock being a sensitive area. Alex felt ill whilst walking around and had a spew, probably took a photo when she shouldn’t have.
Spoke to a couple who mentioned that the Rock has been opening in the afternoons lately so we visited the Olgas and took the small walk to the Karu lookout the we went to the valley of the winds walk which is very impressive. The view as you walk into the valley is amazing and then you look back out and it’s even better. Went back to Ayres Rock and it was open so Alex and I decided to try and climb whilst Maz and the boys went to the Cultural centre. To say the first part is hard is a massive understatement. It was painful the first 400 metres have chain to assist you and you need it as it’s very steep. Once you’re up past the chain part you continue up and down the weather worn ridges until you reach a 200L drum with a sun dial distance map upon it. The view is amazing but you have to earn it, it is definitely a very taxing walk well worth it. It took us 1hr to reach the top and another 1hr to get down. Hopped straight in the pool when we got back to help the legs recover. Maz and the boys said the cultural centre was pretty good. Strange how they are selling aboriginal art and crafts with a tiny label saying fair trade made India! Watched the Aboriginal dancers at the resort which was good and had a chat with them about where they are from etc.
Headed off the next day and stopped at the resort to post some post cards and get some fruit and vegetables which was pretty reasonably priced, unlike the fuel which was $1:99 but if you need it you got to pay it. Stopped at curtain springs for a cuppa then made to through to Kings Creek Station. Lovely place and the best campsite position we have had so far big area with a good fire pit.
Had a good look around at the Camels and cattle they have here. They currently have a baby Camel which is only 4 months old which they rescued from the wild as it had been attacked by Dingos. It was so cute and that’s hard to say about a Camel. Staying here for 2 nights @$100 for a powered site. Hopped in the pool which they have here and it was even colder than the one at Ayres Rock. Got a fire going and watched a beautiful sunset….now this is living!
Drove the 40kms out to Kings Canyon today and done the rim walk, which is 6km return. Took us just over 3hrs and it was very spectacular. The views and different rock formations were so cool and the different trees growing out of the cracks in the rocks were very unique. There were even huge Cycads that have been dated to be about 400yrs old. We all agreed that Ayres Rock was awesome but the views, walk and colours at Kings Canyon was even better.
Monday 4th May, Left Kings Creek Station and headed to Rainbow valley. We took the Earnest Giles Rd which was corrugated for the first 15kms and then pretty good. We were the only ones staying at Rainbow valley so got to watch the sunset and sunrise all by ourselves. The colours are pretty spectacular as the sun sets and we even spotted a Black footed Rock Wallaby up on the ridge. They had gas BBQ’s and stoves and heaps of tables to use here. Nice spot for a night.
Next morning drove to Alice then turned West towards the West MacDonnell National Park. We stopped at Standley Chasm for a cuppa then walked the 20 minute track up to the Chasm. It was awesome as the sun was just coming over which lit up one side. Got to Ormiston Gorge and done a walk up to the lookout and walked back along the creek bed. Lovely walk and a nice water hole to have a swim. Drove out to Glen Helen Gorge for a look and had a swim there. The water was cool but it was nice and refreshing. The Swimming hole was a lot deeper and more inviting than Ormiston.
Left the next morning and stopped off at the Ochre pits and had a look at the cliffs with all the different colours of rock. Had a look at Ellery Creek Big Hole which was nice but didn’t have a swim, it did look nice though a bit like Glen Helen Gorge. Got to Alice Springs by lunch and checked into the Big 4 MacDonnell Range Holiday Park for 4 nights, the boys can’t wait to go into the heated pools and play on the bouncy pillow. Alex just wants a Wi-Fi signal. Travelled 6200kms so far.
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