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Saturday, Jan 08, 2011 at 12:15

Sand Man (SA)

After some significant ranting on the distorted image I was getting from my external mirrors, I decided to replace them with flat mirror glass.

I confess to having problems in reversing the camper or trailer when using the external mirrors, which is my preferred method.

For a couple of months I intended to make a pattern of the mirror glass and get a pair of new mirrors cut, then stick over the old ones with silicon adhesive.

Well this week, I happened to notice an advert from one of the automotive glass installers in the yellow pages, which included external mirror repairs and replacements.

So, I rang Instant Windscreens and managed to book the vehicle in for the following day.
Forty minutes after rocking up, the job was done.
They break the existing mirror glass and install the new flat mirror glass in it's place, rather than "glue" a new mirror glass over the top.
The job looks "original" with the existing border still in place and as for the result:-
Man, why did I wait so long.

I now have the exact same sized image as I get through the internal mirror so judgement of distance is no longer a problem for me.

The one draw back in performing this "upgrade" is the reduction of blind spot coverage, mainly on the left hand side.
I was aware that this would be the case and included in my investment, a $5.00 2" diam. stick on disk mirror, which gives a wide angle view of vehicles in the blind spot so I now have the best of both worlds and in my opinion, a safer vehicle as well.

Just as an aside, have folk noticed how other vehicles, when passing you, tend to cut back in front a little too soon?
My Wife's theory is that the ADR for convex mirrors on both sides of newer model vehicles to give a wider view, is the most likely cause. In giving a wider view, vehicles appear to be much further away than they actually are. My vehicle didn't even have the warning "vehicles in mirror are closer than you think"

Anyway, I have resolved my problem and for those who may consider doing a similar thing, the cost was $77 per side from Instant Windscreens.

I'm diagonally parked in a parallel Universe!
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