ExplorOz Podcast Episode 4: The Making of the ExplorOz Traveller App

Friday, Oct 27, 2023 at 00:43

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

The advent of technology has drastically changed the way we explore the world. Among the leading tools that have made this possible is the ExplorOz Traveller App, which has evolved from a humble raster map product into a global explorer's toolkit. In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating journey of the ExplorOz Traveller App, as discussed in our latest podcast episode.

The early years of the ExplorOz Traveller App were fraught with numerous challenges, mainly due to the limited storage space available on devices at the time. Despite these obstacles, the developers persevered and managed to cram numerous features into the app without compromising the device's performance. A significant part of this process was creating a user management system that would allow people to use the app without having to pay for it multiple times.

In the beginning, the app started as a raster map product, a format that was widely used at the time. Raster images are static images that don't offer more detail when zoomed in or out. This format posed a challenge, especially in terms of file sizes and storage capacity. The developers had to find a way to provide more zoom levels by creating more raster images without demanding too much storage. This was a critical aspect of the app's early development, especially considering the limited storage capacities of devices back then.

However, one of the key elements that shaped my the development of the ExplorOz Traveller App was user feedback. It was instrumental in the creation of new features and functions, as well as in improving the user experience. Users' suggestions and ideas were taken seriously and often implemented into the app. This feedback-driven approach played a critical role in the app's evolution, making it a product truly designed by and for the users.

Transitioning from the EOTopo 2019 raster map product to its current vector version was another major step in the evolution of the ExplorOz Traveller App.

This evolution story is not only captivating but also inspirational for developers and users alike.

As the ExplorOz Traveller App continues to evolve, it promises to bring even more exciting features and improvements. So whether you're an avid explorer or just love to travel, stay tuned for the upcoming developments. The journey of the ExplorOz Traveller App is far from over, and the future looks bright and exciting.

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