ExplorOz Podcast Episode 6 : Australia's Outback with the ExplorOz Traveller App

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2023 at 02:35

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

In today's interconnected world, mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, and the realm of travel is no exception. Among the multitude of travel apps available, the ExplorOz Traveller App stands out as an essential tool for those looking to unlock the secrets of Australia's outback. This podcast episode provides an in-depth look at the many features of this app, emphasizing its power to transform your travel experiences.

The ExplorOz Traveller App offers a wealth of information for intrepid adventurers. One of its most impressive features is its offline access to high-resolution EOTopo Maps of Australia. With these detailed maps at your disposal, you can navigate Australia's wilderness with ease and confidence. The app also boasts a library of nearly 200 ExplorOz Treks and a database overflowing with over 100,000 points of interest. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or planning your first outback journey, the ExplorOz Traveller App provides a treasure trove of curated insights and tips from those who've already ventured off the beaten path.

One standout feature of the ExplorOz Traveller App is its ability to transcend the usual GPS functionality. It brings a wealth of sharable, data-rich content to your fingertips, allowing you to trace your route, save those magical moments, and share your tracks with fellow explorers. The app enables you to create comprehensive track logs, complete with tantalizing details about the history and wildlife of the areas you traverse. These track logs are a compilation of knowledge gleaned from fellow travellers who've ventured to remote corners of Australia since 2006 when ExplorOz first start curating a repository for this data on their website.

The ExplorOz Traveller App doesn't just provide geographical information. It also offers a historical perspective of Australia's outback. The app includes hand-curated information about each point of interest, enabling you to learn about the history and wildlife of the area you're visiting. It invites you to engage more deeply with your surroundings, to appreciate not just the destination but also the journey. The ExplorOz Traveller App encourages you to open your eyes and embrace the full experience of travel.

In addition to its informational content, the ExplorOz Traveller App offers practical tools for navigating Australia's outback. It allows you to store and render your route as you move around, and you can save positions for future use. You can also export your data and turn it into a shareable track log. This track log data is invaluable, enabling you to capture and share your adventures in a meaningful and engaging way.

In summary, the ExplorOz Traveller App is an indispensable tool for anyone planning to explore Australia's outback. With its wealth of informational content, practical navigation tools, and social sharing features, it promises to revolutionize the way you capture and share your adventures across Australia's diverse landscape. Tune into this podcast episode for a deep dive into the ExplorOz Traveller App and prepare to transform your travel experiences.

Regards Michelle and David

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