ExplorOz Podcast Episode 7: Modifying Land Cruisers to Navigating Road Trip Challenges

Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023 at 13:57

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

This podcast episode is available from Wednesday 15th November. Listen in on Spotify (or your favourite streaming platform) or watch on our YouTube channel.

In the latest episode of our podcast, we share a reflection upon many years of vehicle changes and modifications. We started in the early-1990's with a Suzuki Vitara, transitioned to a camper-converted 75 series Toyota Land Cruiser, then a favourite vehicle of all time, our 80 series Toyota Landcruiser and finally our current 200 series Land Cruiser. We explain why we don't want to upgrade to anything newer and what we liked/didn't like about each vehicle. The process of modifying our vehicles brought along a lot of practical improvements and a few inevitable hiccups. From adding side steps, bull bars, roller drawers, and roof racks to installing a long-range fuel tank, every change was deliberate and thought out. While there were a few mishaps, it has taught us the importance of understanding your vehicle and the value of service knowledge.

One of the biggest lessons travelling in our 20's was dealing with tyres and wheel bearings and being self-sufficient and independent. These experiences reinforced that understanding your vehicle is crucial for a smoother road trip experience. We also share our experience transitioning from camping in swags/tents to a camper trailer as our family grew and our needs changed.

Our latest setup, also includes the latest technology like our Starlink satellite internet dish, which has revolutionised our travels as our working efficiency means we can now plan longer time away.

As we journey through our adventures via the ExplorOz Podcast, we continue to share practical advice from our experiences on the road, hoping to inspire and inform you. The road to adventure is often the adventure itself, and through our podcast, we aim to share the thrill of the journey with our listeners.

We invite you to share suggestions for topics you'd like us to cover in future episodes. Lastly, tune into the podcast on all major streaming platforms and YouTube. It would mean the world if you left a review and shared the podcast with a friend.

Regards Michelle and David

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