ExplorOz Podcast Episode 8: The Basics of Eco-Responsible Travel

Tuesday, Nov 21, 2023 at 21:12

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

We live in a beautiful world brimming with natural wonders that inspire awe and deserve our respect. Yet, as travellers and adventurers, we must ask ourselves how our footprints impact the nature we dearly cherish. This issue is the focus of our latest podcast episode, “The Basics of Responsible Travel.”

We begin our discussion in the picturesque Whistlepipe Gully, a natural retreat for us not far from Perth City in Western Australia. However, our experience is often impacted by careless human activity – misuse of campfires, littering, and lack of sanitation in camping areas and nature. The responsibility of preserving our natural environments, especially in remote areas in the Outback, cannot be overstated.

Our episode delves into the implications of these casual actions on the environment. Many travellers may be unaware of how their habits, such as disposing of waste irresponsibly, and how it can cause lasting harm. It's not just about maintaining the aesthetics of a litter-free environment. The consequences of our actions impact the health of these ecosystems and the survival of wildlife.

We talk about the importance of the responsible disposal of waste. This seemingly small action is essential to minimising our environmental impact. Remember this simple rule: if you can carry it in, you can carry it out. By adopting this rule, we can contribute positively to preserving natural environments.

The issue of sanitation is another major topic we address; it’s something we’re passionate about, caring for the ecosystem and respect for those that come after you. When camping, it's essential to stick to guidelines regarding waste disposal. Digging deep enough holes for waste, burning toilet paper, and keeping a safe distance from waterways are all practices that can prevent contamination and maintain cleanliness of the area.

We also touch on the topic of campfires. The love for a warm fire under the stars is a universal one, but it also comes with responsibilities. Whether that’s choosing a safe location or ensuring the fire is fully extinguished before leaving, each action you take to protect your campsite and the natural areas is critical in preventing forest fires.

This podcast is a lesson in eco-conscious travel in Australia, a reminder of our responsibilities as visitors to these precious natural environments. Whether you're a keen hiker, a weekend camper, or an outback adventurer, we can all be aware and contribute to preserving nature for future generations to enjoy.

For some of you, this is all common sense but the reason we’re talking about it, is it’s obviously not commonsense to some people!

Remember, every step we take, every action we make, matters. Let's ensure our footprints tread lightly on our Earth and that we leave no trace behind us. Choose to reflect your respect for nature in your actions.

Regards Michelle and David

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