ExplorOz Podcast Episode 12: Sydney to Tasmania + EOTopo 2024 launch

Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024 at 03:06

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

Episode 12 of the ExplorOz Podcast: Australian Offroad Adventures and Mapping Podcast.

We were never really one to travel to a strict plan. This twist in our tale sees Michelle returning home to Perth to deal with a family crisis back home in Perth leaving David to tackle the final EO Topo 2024 map release. But our adventure doesn't stall there; we're pivoting to keep our Tasmania trip alive, proving that even the best-laid plans need a little flexibility.

What's the gritty reality of behind our perfect Instagram road trip shots? Well, tune in and listen up, because we're going behind the scenes. From the lush Royal National Park to the challenging Enrick River terrain, we share the a peek into our journey, complete with trailer brake issues and toll-dodging escapades through Sydney's backstreets.

Finally, as we board the Spirit of Tasmania, we're sailing into a new chapter. Stay tuned for tales from Tasmania and get the inside scoop on the EO Topo 2024 as we share our mapping release and details. Grab a cuppa, find a cosy spot, and let's hit the road together in this episode of twists, turns, and tales from our Lap of Oz.

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