Ningaloo Trip Report - Part 1: Overview

Saturday, Jun 28, 2008 at 00:00

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This year, we have only planned one major trip - and rather than a touring trip which is simply too tiring to call a "holiday", we have decided to go back to Ningaloo for a restful stay in the one place to stay put for 4 weeks. Of everywhere we've been in Australia, it means a lot to think we'll go there again and again. This is our 4th visit. If you're not familiar with "Ningaloo", there's some info in the WA Trek Notes. We will be returning to South Lefroy Bay which is within the Ningaloo Station property midway between Coral Bay and Exmouth. It is accessed off the Exmouth-Minilya Rd along the Ningaloo Road (an unmaintained roughly graded, corrugated road). This then becomes station tracks in a sandy terrain and finally soft sand to the final campsites at South Lefroy Bay.

Our trip in 2006 lasted only 3 weeks including driving time so this trip we have allocated 4 weeks and have geared up with just about every conceivable thing we could need to keep ourselves and the kids in comfort in the most perfect beach camping location you could ever hope to find.

Before I get involved in the trip diary and show you some the wonderful photos (I've got 994), I thought I'd give you a bit of a run-down on the background preparation and I've also put together a detailed food inventory for this trip that may be of interest to some.

We have all our gear from many years of camping but we always still manage to need to buy something from a camping store before we leave. This time we added a portable folding 4 seater table/chair set - cheap $50 jobbie; an $80 Oztrail Ensuite tent - the maddening springfold type which only the female mind seems to be able to grasp; 2 TekTowels; 2 new Rainbird jackets for the kids; a whole new set of crockery to extend/replace my existing set; an ironing board (you'll see why in the photo below); a kayak; and an Oztrail Pantry.

Then there was the fishing gear. From David's point of view, our Ninagaloo trip is a fairly serious fishing trip. Last trip we predominantly caught massive spanish mackeral - not that we are complaining, but we just thought a little variety would be nice. Some other fishermen were catching Tuna so that was on our hit list this time and consequently new rods, reels and lures were required for the kit. Last trip we towed a friends boat, this trip we'd be taking our own boat - a 6m Quintrex Freedom Cruiser (inboard). This gave us a plenty of packing space - so we filled it with 12 bags of firewood, and all our camping gear. We were so excited we were packed well ahead of time - in fact the boat was packed and covered 1 week before we left. The clothing and food was also waiting by the door a week ahead. It was the most efficient and calm getaway we've ever had - funny what a bit of motivation will do. A lot of was to do with great staff and our total trust to leave them running things in our absence. It would be business as usual - without us!

Some of you may have read about my dog dilemna on the Forum - see Post ID 58420
If you didn't know, we have a little puppy and this was his first camping trip. I had all sorts of concerns and so a fair bit of thought was put into being as prepared as we could. That all came together nicely too. I picked up a crate for $20 and spent loads more in the pet shop on various tethering devices and bits.

So - if you're interested, please read my next Blog entry for the Food Inventory or skip to the Trip Diary section (yet to be published).
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