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Tuesday, Jul 27, 2010 at 14:08

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

People often ask me what we eat when travelling and so here is our food list from our recent 3 week trip. Word document attached.

All food was taken from (growers markets in) Perth to the Wiluna gathering. We did not restock there, other than to purchase a box of freshly picked mandarins from the orchard at Gunbarrel Laager. Our family of 4 utilises a 41L Engel fridge (set to fridge temp, not freeze) and 3 tubs of foodstuffs. I also utilise 1 of 3 boxes in our roller drawer setup for storage of on the go snack food and lunch basics thereby avoiding getting into the tubs other than fully unpacked at camp. The other 2 boxes in the roller drawer setup hold the coffee perculator and grinder, protein shaker, crockery, cups, cutlery and utsensils, camp ovens and kettle, snap lock bags etc.

Our trip from 26/6/10 - 17/7/10 would encompass 21 nights, so I took provisions for 20 nights of solid meals and various extras (always too many extras) to cover emergency food. I was aware that I had the opportunity to pick up extra supplies at both Wiluna and (albeit basic) Kunawaritji Community store, and we would reach Newman for extensive supplies if required on about 14/7. I use my own cryovac machine to vacuum seal meat in portions.

However, our first few nights at the gathering meant our meal preparation was easy - utilising the campers kitchen for cooking and washing up but the rest was all prepared over the campfire.


Yoghurt + Tin Fruits (berries, mango, cherries), and fresh strawberries
Cereals & Milk
Bacon & Zuchinni fritata
Eggs - anyway, omelete etc
Toast and Leftovers
Pancakes & Jam (not used)
Scones & Jam (not used)
Tin Butter Mushrooms & Toast (not used)

Vital Strength WPI+ protein powder - mixed in shaker with milk - 400ml daily
Fruit & Nut (sunshine mix), or handful of almonds or walnuts
(long list of kids snack food listed in attachment at bottom of blog)
Fruit - when available (box of mandarins from Wiluna etc)


(I should note here that David and I follow a different nutritional programme to most people due to our triathlon training goals. You will therefore notice minimal carbohydrates in our menu as we eat limited bread, biscuits, rice etc. Our kids do eat some, so smaller portions are included when served to them).

Beetroot salad - grated beetroot, grated carrot, currents, salad dressing
Rice salad - cold left over rice, currants, capsicum, pine nuts, salad dressing
Celery sticks filled with phily cheese
Celery & Carrots sticks with salsa dip
Salad with deli meats/tin tuna/tin shredded chicken/sliced smoked salmon - fresh lettuce, cucumber, avocado, feta cheese, red onion etc
Tin Tuna & Beans
Tin tuna mixed with tin beans (chick peas, butter beans etc), sliced black olives, crispy noodles
Sliced boiled egg and tin salmon with cruskits
Ham, cheese, lettuce sandwiches (kids only)
Polony sandwich (kids only)

extras - cupasoup, 2minute noodles, miso soup, pkts Kids Tuna
Mountain bread wraps (not used !!)
Spiral pasta salad, boiled eggs, tin tuna (not used)


Mince curry with carrots, baby corn, surprise peas
Thai green chicken curry
Butter Chicken
BBQ terriyaki marinated beef steaks with vegies and salad
Kanga sausages + indian vegie pouch with couscous
Mince curry with carrots, corn, brusell sprouts
Roast lamb with brussell sprouts, carrots and pkt gravy
Rogan Josh Chicken with rice
Kanga sausages with baked beans and potato salad
Pasta with onion, bacon, tomato - parmesan cheese
Beef stroganoff, dry mushrooms, zuchinni, rice
Roast lamb korma with indian vegie pouch
Chorizo & beans casserole - Butter beans, chorizo, artichoke, black olives, and tin tomato
Beef strips casserole
Turkey schnitzel and salad (fresh ingredients purchased in Newman)


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