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Saturday, Nov 14, 2009 at 18:01

Sir Kev

It must be a thing from being in the Army, I had itchy feet and felt the need to move on from my job in Calliope which was possibly the best place to get a good grounding in my new career post Army.

It was by chance that a job was spotted for a position in the Western Downs Regional Council, which offered us as a family the chance to be 500km closer to family.
We are now located 300km to my closest immediate family and 700km to Sam's parents.

We were lucky enough to get offered the position with the Western Downs Regional Council, to be based in Chinchilla. I took it and proceeded to organise to get the family moved from Calliope to Chinchilla.
I got 4 quotes from removal companies and was shocked by the variances in prices. Up to $3000 difference :(

We also had to find someone to take the lease over for a rental house in Calliope (which we were successful at ;))
We also scored a near new 5 bedroom house to rent in Chinchilla at a price well below market value (due to it being on the market), but a 6 month lease should enalbe us to get our bearings and possiby look to buy.

Our eldest daughter Ashley is in Prep at school this year so we were determined to get her adjusted to the new locality as soon as possible. We arrived in Chinchilla on Monday Afternoon and Ashley started school in Chinchilla on the Wednesday. She has adapted very well and the school community is to be commended for the effort they have given her to adjust as quickly as she has.

So for those EO members who visit both frequently and infrequently you will now have to adjust your GPS's and try and find us in Chinchilla instead of Calliope.

I intend to organise another Gathering in Feb 2011 to be held in Chinchilla for the Chinchilla Melon festival.

We look forward to EO folk dropping in and visiting us in Chinchilla.
Russell Coight:
He was presented with a difficult decision: push on into the stretching deserts, or return home to his wife.
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