Members Trips & Gatherings

This is a dedicated Trip System for Members to organise group Trips/Gatherings. National Gatherings are for Members only.

Past Trips & Gatherings

Australian Capital Territory (8)

New South Wales (34)

Northern Territory (7)

Queensland (58)

South Australia (26)

Victoria (164)

Western Australia (54)

Create a New Trip & Gathering

This is a great way to seek new friends or convoy partners to join you for a trip or to simply attend a social gathering. To add a new event, you'll need to be a Member. Simply click on the button and fill in the form. When you've finished, the event will appear on this page and will post to the Forum to promote it amongst our audience. People can register to join your event and leave a comment. You can contact Members by clicking through to their profiles and sending a Member Message. Non-members can register too but you cannot contact them directly. Remember to edit your event page to keep information accurate throughout the planning stages.

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