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Membership FAQ

We have two types of user access for ExplorOz:
1. a free user account &
2. a Member account.

They type of account you have determines what features and tools you have access to use when using our website and also when using our apps (ExplorOz Traveller, and ExplorOz Tracker).

It's crucial to understand that when buying the Traveller app this does not make you "Member".
Furthermore, when you register your email address to create your ExplorOz account this is not creating a "Member" account.

Member accounts are only available through a separate subscription, giving you access to extra perks and services. This page will explain exactly what those extra are so that you can decide if having a Member account is for you.

Do you need Membership?

Before you purchase a subscription please consider the following points:
  • DON'T buy a Membership Subscription if you're expecting this to provide maps or ongoing map updates in the Traveller app
  • DO buy a Membership Subscription if you want to gain access to exclusive features and tools that enhance your use of our navigation and tracking products.
Even if you don’t use all our Membership features, your subscription is crucial in keeping our small business viable. Maintaining customer loyalty and providing personalized service is essential to us. Your Membership allows us to offer affordable options and remain independent. By paying for annual memberships, you significantly help keep a small Australian business competitive against larger companies, and we greatly appreciate this support.

What are the Member-Only Extras?

ExplorOz Membership allows our users to access to EXTRA features that compliment the standard use of ExplorOz navigation products.


  • Auto Syncing Tracker Services:- Sync and secure your device tracking from either the ExplorOz Traveller or Tracker app as you travel and let the system create a dynamic tracking map of your journey with all the important trip metrics including; time last seen, speed, activity type recognition, battery status, daily distance, overnight locations, and last synced location. Share a status to pin photos to your map. This dynamic map can be shared on your socials or with friends/family. Reset the map for the next journey and save the tracking into your account as a Track Log with more options for analysis and tools to write a trip journal description, add photos, and share your big adventure!
  • Traveller Web-App:- This is an online version of Traveller giving you access to your account data and the latest online version of EOTopo maps to use on desktop PCs/laptops/MacBooks and Mac computers.The ideal 2nd device compliment for using the app on a different platform to help you browse and plan your trip.
  • ExplorOz Tracker:- Tracker is a simple app that is used for device-tracking only (no maps or navigation features) and is quite different to the Traveller app. This app is free, but a Member account is required to register to the tracking service. The Tracker app also shows tracking from multiple devices, either yours or those of other registered Tracker Members. If non-Members (family/friends) want to follow your trip progress, ask them to download the free app and follow the prompts to share your tracking with them. There is no cost for them to use the "View" features in the Tracker app. BONUS: Tracker works worldwide! See the Tracker webpage for details.
  • Blogs:- As a Member, you have access to create your own Blog entries on the ExplorOz website. Share your big adventures, and DIY projects. Features a simple editor so you can quickly add photos, embed YouTube videos to play in the page, and embed your Track Logs to record your memories and share with the ExplorOz audience. Share links to your blog in social media, or message friends/family. See the Blogs for inspiration!
  • Increased Storage Limits:- As a Member using the Traveller app, we offer you an increased storage limit on the number of Personal Places that can be saved to your ExplorOz user account. All your personal Places and Treks are stored and backed up on the ExplorOz server.
  • PLUS The following extras are all enhanced features available via the website:-
    • GPX file exports - to take data out of ExplorOz and import to raster navigation software.
    • Member Message service
    • Member Profile page
    • less advertising on website
    • Improved Forum usability/tools
    • Display ads in the Classifieds reduced from $20 to $0 and upgrades to Premium just $10 (save $20)
    • Discounted ExplorOz Branded Merchandise available
      from our online shop
    • Member sticker


Membership does not provide access to EOTopo offline map downloads; does not provide free or discounted map updates (EOTopo); does not provide free access to download the Traveller app. These products are sold separately.

Cost & Options

To become a Member, you can choose from either:
1. a 12 month subscription (does not auto renew) OR
2. a Lifetime subscription, which never expires - one time payment upfront.

Member services are available for 12 months or Lifetime by selecting the "Membership Personal" item in our shop, and selecting your choice of term in the Buying Options.

Both options offer the same level of Membership access. The only difference is that we include a merchandise bundle gift pack when you buy the Lifetime subscription and you'll never need to worry about missing a renewal.

To join now, click Membership Personal below.


Get discounted Membership - go to your app store and buy the ExplorOz Traveller app first. Use the link in-app to purchase Membership. Save $10 off the 12 month subscription or $30 off the Lifetime option.

Members List

Members IconUse this list to find Members and access their Public Profile Page where you can send Member Messages and view any information they wish to share. See Personal Members.

Create a New Trip & Gathering

This is a great way to seek new friends or convoy partners to join you for a trip or to simply attend a social gathering. To add a new event, you'll need to be a Member. Simply click on the button and fill in the form. When you've finished, the event will appear on this page and will post to the Forum to promote it amongst our audience. People can register to join your event and leave a comment. You can contact Members by clicking through to their profiles and sending a Member Message. Non-members can register too but you cannot contact them directly. Remember to edit your event page to keep information accurate throughout the planning stages.

AddAdd New Trip or Gathering

Members File Swap

The files listed below have been added by members for the use of other ExplorOz members. ExplorOz does not warrant that the information is free of any other defect or error or virus.


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