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Edition 447: 16th September, 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,


Winning Photos are not shown - we're keeping it a surprise!

It has been an honour to receive such a high calibre of photographic submissions and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this competition to the amateur photographers in our ExplorOz community. We have selected 15 photos from around 400 entries and the photographers of the selected photos will have their selected photo(s) printed in the upcoming 2017 ExplorOz Calendar, which features large A3 pages and wire-bound spiral hanger. Just like our 2016 Calendar this is a professionally produced, high quality calendar that will take pride of place in any location. The calendar is already in the hands of the designers/printers (an Australian business of course!) and should be ready in about 3 weeks' time. So let's get down to announcing our talented winners:-


  • Bill Sargent
  • Barry Rufus
  • Bob Vaillant
  • Dan Wood
  • David van Zanten
  • Emma McPherson
  • Jack Bradshaw
  • Janine Sinclair
  • Patricia Woodgate
  • Trevor Carter

We would also like to acknowledge the photographers who, whilst they did not get a photo into the final 15 images, they did have a photo in the short list. We encourage them to continue to submit photos to future ExplorOz competitions as we love your work!

Highly Commended

  • Ken Heath
  • Bruce Bolton
  • Peter Knights
  • Sally Reynolds
  • Michele Maddison
  • Cheryl Randall
  • Greg Henry
  • Pauline Kirby
  • Sharon Todd
  • Steve Horne
  • Toni Moran

Thank you to all that took the time to make a submission. Please consider other ways to have your photos enjoyed on ExplorOz such as adding photos of places you've been to Places. By default a Place listing without a photo will show a satellite image. Not so enticing! Can you please help?


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First Aid Kit - Pro 1

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Travelsafe® X15 Anti-Theft Portable Safe & Pack
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The ExplorOz Traveller App is receiving rave reviews and it's no wonder. Since its initial release in June, we've since made 12 updates (although the last update was a month ago). These updates have ensured we've been able to take on board all the reported bug fixes and requests for improvements with the most recent version for Android offering the external SD storage option, which was a popular request.

For those that haven't yet got the app - here's what you're missing:
  • EASE OF MAPPING - no complicated setup of software. It just instantly works as you want it to
  • EASE OF NAVIGATION - press one button to open the map showing your current position, press another button to view a list of all the Places nearby - browse and discover!
  • OFFLINE AUTO-GUIDED ROUTING - the app is pre-loaded with all 182 of the official ExplorOz Trek Notes such as the Canning Stock Route, Anne Beadell Highway and more. You get all the POI's listed on the map, complete with all the supporting Place information, photos, descriptions, traveller comments, and all the supporting trip planning facts - this is the first time we've ever supplied this information in a format that allows such simplicity to access treks notes offline.
  • INSTANT SNAIL TRAIL - by default as you travel, the app will leave a snail trail showing the path you've travelled
  • FREE TRACK LOGGING - enabled free for Members, there is no other software to setup, no need to register for EOTrackMe. Just flick the switch in the app - and it's on and working. Too easy!
  • TRACK LOGGING FOR NON-MEMBERS - as an option for those that want logging only you can make an in-app purchase of just $29.99 for the track logging app feature plus you get the same online EOTrackMe logging page on the website as the Members do.
To find out more - see our product information page on the website - ExplorOz Traveller App.

If you already own the ExplorOz Traveller App, please help us improve the apps discoverability in the app stores. The stores use reviews to determine which apps to show, rather than keywords so we really need you to help us by taking a moment to rate the app - or rate and review. If you get a prompt asking you to rate this app - could you please take a moment to do so? Alternatively, you can go into the About section (click the house icon).


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