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Edition 450: 7th October, 2016

Hi ExplorOz Reader,

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Sydney to Brisbane
Sydney to Brisbane
Camping Guide to South Australia
Camping Guide to South Australia
Australian Bush Cooking - Perfect Bound
Australian Bush Cooking - Perfect Bound

Camping Guide to Tasmania
Camping Guide to Tasmania
Australia Road & 4WD Atlas - Spiral Bound
Australia Road & 4WD Atlas - Spiral Bound
4WD Days out of Melbourne
4WD Days out of Melbourne


When ExplorOz was just a dream, travellers got information via the traveller's grapevine. People would congregate around fuel bowsers and clothes lines in camp grounds to share tips about which roads to avoid, and places not to miss!

Fast forward 20 years and now we have so much information at our finger-tips it's often hard to limit our sources and know who to trust.

Unlike magazines or Forum sites, we publish pages within sections dedicated to that information and constantly refresh and update those pages. These pages do not become diluted through public hearsay as the public contributions are clearly distinguished from our published/verified content. This is why we offer both User Treks and ExplorOz Treks as 2 distinct sources.

Every day at ExplorOz we are receiving and responding to emails from travellers, from operators, shire councils, National Parks, and all the organisations that care about you getting the right information.

Sometimes we even get alerts about typos that have been entered as public contribution (eg. Places) and we fix that too.

The Places and Treks databases are always your main source of information as this content is checked and verified. You can access this offline via the Traveller App - and receive free updates at the press of a button.

Since we've released our new app - ExplorOz Traveller, we've found a huge increase in people making updates through the live databases. Adding comments, reviews, photos and descriptions. Please keep it coming!


ExplorOz Traveller is designed as an app that allows you to load and go with confidence. After your initial purchase, you simply press the on-screen buttons to download the required maps and databases (internet required) and then you're ready to go!

The app is deliberately designed to allow you to spend less time "planning" and more time "enjoying" your trip. For instance, on those days when things don't go to plan and you know you're not going to reach your destination for the day, you click the Places Map button and it will show where you are, so you can pan around the area looking for camp site icons. Click any that interest you to access detailed information - all the good ones will have photos and reviews by other travellers so you will know exactly what to expect and be able to determine if it's suitable for your needs.

The other useful tool is the Places List, which shows all nearby Places based on your current position and refreshes as you move. Each Place in the list will show a bearing direction arrow, and distance. So you won't just see what's on the road ahead - but everything within the surrounding area. This is ideal as it can lead you away from noisy camps too close to the road. ExplorOz Traveller helps take care of the unforeseen.

Many travellers are reporting that the app is allowing them to find many more places than they would ever have found on their own, which is what we like to hear. You will ExplorOz Better with the ExplorOz Traveller App.


Get the ExplorOz calendar to hang in your workplace, or your home and you'll be sure to spark interest and conversation about your travelling adventures. The 2017 ExplorOz Calendar contains the 15 breathtaking winning photographs selected from our recent photo competition. This is a must-have for your house-hold and would make a great Christmas gift for your family, your work colleagues, or friends.

The calendar includes an extra month (from January 2017 - January 2018), and features two extra photographs (front and back covers) that are not repeated from the calendar pages inside. The calendar is large format A3 and is wire-bound with a spiral hanger. Made with the needs of travellers in mind, the calendar includes school term dates for all states in addition to the standard National & State Public Holidays.

Single item price $19.95 (less with Member discount), or save 10% when you buy the 5-pack - that's Christmas sorted!



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