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Edition 463 24th March, 2017

Hi ExplorOz Reader, 

We are working on a number of exciting projects, but we can't say much just yet, so stick around.

In the meantime, what we can share is the change to our newsletters. Our General newsletter (this one) has been reduced from a weekly newsletter to monthly. Secondly, we've started a "Traveller App Users" newsletter, which only goes to those people that have purchased our app. And finally, we will soon be issuing "Members Only" newsletters. It is expected that at the most, we'll only send each of these newsletter's once a month.

These changes to how we communicate with you are being done to minimise the clutter you receive and to enable us to spend more time preparing relevant content for the right people. Don't forget - the website changes daily so to stay in touch go to the ExplorOz site home page and look through the What's New panel to easily access all the latest blogs, articles, treks, recipes, wildflowers, forum posts, places and more.

In addition, we encourage you to Like the official ExplorOz page on Facebook and stay connected with us for a bit of fun and other information. For those that love Facebook, you'll already know how easy it is to share photos off your mobile device to your friends & family so when you do that simply ad the tag #exploroz so we can follow you too!


ExplorOz has been commissioned to author an upcoming 4WD book publication and we would like to invite all the enthusiast 4WDrivers in the ExplorOz community to participate in our short survey to assist us in assessing the tracks to be included. This survey was prepared by us internally and results will be used only for the purpose of assessing potential material for the book. 

Take Survey


We recently surveyed all our current Traveller App Users and here are some interesting results:
  • 56% of respondents have downloaded the app to more than one device
  • 5% use the app on both Android and Apple devices
  • 51% use it on Android only
  • 44% use it on Apple only
  • The most widely used Apple device for using the Traveller app is iPad Air 2/Air
  • The most widely used Android device is the Samsung Galaxy tablet.
  • 50% of our app users have joined the ExplorOz Traveller Facebook group
  • 90% of app users have download the Premium Maps
  • The average score on a scale of 1-10 for the Premium Maps is 8/10
  • 78% said the process of purchasing and install the app was "Easy, no problems". 
  • 2% said they "had problems"
  • 71% said the app has "many useful features and great data but are still learning how to use it"
  • 20% said "I love it! Using the app is straightforward and intuitive"
  • Overall, the average rating given for the Quality of the app was 7/10.
  • 89% of respondents also own other GPS products/navigation software
  • When asked to compare the Traveller app to other navigation tools the majority of respondents selected the following statements: 

    "The Traveller App is good value for money".

    "I have confidence in buying an app from a tech company like I.T.Beyond/ExplorOz because I know they will support the product".

    "The Traveller app has better maps"

    "The Traveller app has the advantage of offline routing for all the well-known 4WD tracks that I'm likely to use"

    To purchase or find out more, just click here to read our article on the website. We also recommend that you read the Traveller Feedback & FAQ's page here.


    ExplorOz has been highly regarded and widely recognised as the leading online resource for the 4WD camping and caravanning industry for many years. Our core services to the public are designed for Members-Only, so whilst you can freely use sections of the website and obtain useful and valuable content, we have reserved the best for those that purchase a Member subscription.

    As we are a specialist I.T. company, we predominantly offer our Members web and app based services and tools, however we also offer a rewards program sponsored by our Business Members enabling you to view and claim advertised discounts/offers. Every regular site user will benefit from Membership. 

    Membership is a 12 month subscription. You purchase your subscription in our online shop and its setup for you immediately. It is not auto-renewing but you will receive an email well before it expires to remind you that it is soon due. This email will contain an invoice for renewing your Membership before the due date with the incentive of a $20 discount. Your invoice is also stored online in your account for your convenience. If you wish to avoid the hassle of continually renewing each year, then just purchase the Lifetime option. For full details of Personal Membership - go to this page


    Right now you are guaranteed to you get at least 25% off every item available in stock in our online Shop. The Mega Sale covers our entire range of stock, so you'll find over 200 items at never to be repeated prices. View MEGA SALE.


    If you suddenly find something isn't working as you think it should with your login then please do the following:

    1. check that you are logged in - to do this look in the top right. If you see the words SIGN IN instead of PROFILE then you are not logged in. Click Sign In and enter the email address that is associated with your registered ExplorOz account. Note: if you have changed your email address, you still need to log in with your OLD email as this is just how you access your online account. Once you're into your account, you can simply click the EDIT ACCOUNT section to make your changes.

    2. if you are logging in but find that the site shows you are a Visitor instead of Member, then you have probably registered a new account with the same email address so that account has taken over. You need to delete your Visitor account. Then go to Sign In and LOG IN with your email address and password to access your Member account. If you have problems with your password use the Forgot Password button and it will be emailed to you. If you have changed your email address and cannot use this feature, then contact us using the site feedback form or Live Chat.

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