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How are you ExplorOz Reader?

We were overwhelmed by the positive response to our photo competition with over 1000 entries received. Entries have now closed, and we're finalising the selection of the best 13 photos, which will be featured in the 2021 ExplorOz Calendar.

The calendar is being printed by an Australian company and will be ready for sale August/September from the shop on our website and will make a beautiful Christmas gift or practical adornment in your home or workspace.

Winners names will soon be announced but we won't be revealing the photos as this will spoil the surprise. We may however tempt you over the next few months by sharing some of the incredible submissions on our Instagram account. Follow @ExplorOz


Priced from just $49.50 for Members (or $55 for non-Members), the ExplorOz spare wheel cover is available in 5 different sizes to fit a wide range of tyre sizes. Simply enter the dimensions of your tyres into our Tyre Size Calculator, and let our system confirm which size you need.

Browse Wheel Covers in the ExplorOz Shop

We have chosen an Australian company to manufacture and print our covers and stock is expected to arrived in our South Australian warehouse by end June ready for dispatch Australia-wide. Pre-orders have been open since 3rd June so get in quick if you want one (or maybe even two) for your next trip!


Did you know that you can embed your video ready to play inside your Forum post?

Just start typing your post as usual, then click the VIDEO button as shown in this image above. You'll be prompted to enter the YouTube share link (see example). Then just click the Insert button and you'll see the link code appear in your post as shown in the top section of this example. Press the Preview button to see if the video box is appearing as you expect and then press Submit.

This is far better than just a cut/paste of a YouTube link as it means people can already see your title screen and simply press the play button - all without leaving the ExplorOz website. This option is available for both YouTube and Vimeo videos.


The Tracker app (free) was updated to V1.2.0 on 12th May with a number of significant updates/new features/improvements. A fully revised User Manual was published yesterday 8th June to explain the new features and give instructions. You'll find the NEW User Manual in the Support Hel section on the ExplorOz Tracker webpage.


ExplorOz Traveller is our Navigation & Mapping app. We released the new version (a major update) on 18th May. A fully revised, new User Manual was later added in-app on 26th May - refer to the Resources section, and also available from the Support Help section on the ExplorOz Traveller webpage.


We've recently created some new Video Tutorials which you'll find on the 2020 ExplorOz Traveller App Tutorial Playlist on the ExplorOz YouTube channel.

For those that would better like to understand the costs, please take 2 minutes and watch this short clip....


If you've ever thought you'd like to contact a person who has written information on the ExplorOz website, you can use our "Member Messaging" service. This service is provided for private short-message exchanges between Members without the need for either party to expose their personal contact details and without anyone else being able to view the discussion. Should you choose, it's also the ideal way to share your email address or phone number with a person without anyone else seeing it. Messages are sent and received from within your ExplorOz account. Access to this service is immediate once you are a Member. To join or find out more information, please refer to the Membership item in the ExplorOz Shop here.


Did you know that an ExplorOz Member subscription lasts for 12 months? This is a non auto-renewing subscription so if you no longer need our services, there's no need to cancel and it will simply expire however we will send you reminder emails in the 4 weeks leading up to the expiry date to make it easy should you wish to renew.

Some of the bonus incentives we offer to renewing Members is the offer of a $20 discount for early or on-time renewals; PLUS you'll get the current year's exclusive Membership sticker sent in the mail; plus you'll go in the quarterly draw to win a power product supplied byRedarc Electronics

We hope you've found this newsletter informative and inspiring. If you like what we do, please support us anyway you can - we are a small privately owned Australian business and your purchases and/or referrals are vital to our future in these challenging times.

ExplorOz Team
David & Michelle Martin

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