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Hi ExplorOz Reader

We have great news about the ExplorOz Calendar that has been a big focus of our community engagement over the past couple of months.

In today's newsletter we announce the winners and you can also put in your order to secure your copy. To ensure we can offer you the best value price on the calendars we're asking you to pre-order your calendars now. Don't miss out! We're also giving a whopping 10% discount to Members. Check it out here - 2021 ExplorOz Calendar


From an astounding volume of over 1000 entries to the calendar photo competition, these are our winners. Congratulations to:-
  • Kieren Turner
  • Karen Elms
  • Peter Ryan
  • Reg Gibson
  • Greg Harewood
  • Ewan Knight
  • Bill Sargent


  • Tim Balk
Tim Balk contributed a number of exceptional images of which numerous photos made the short list.


The following photographers were also short-listed. Congratulations to:

  • Jennifer Bailey
  • Fran Rein
  • Roland Schreiber
  • Trevor Pickering
  • Ashley Pearce
  • Shane the Sharkcaver
  • Dick Clarke
  • Lyle Muegge
  • Michiala Kuys

For your enjoyment, we have already started to feature some photographs from the competition on our Instagram page and we will continue to do so daily. Each image we post from the competition is credited to the photographer by name along with a story about the location. The images selected are not limited to the names above so even if your name isn't here, you might get a mention on Instagram - see @ExplorOz

In our next newsletter, we hope to include a feature story about each of the photographers so stay tuned for that.


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If you've only recently joined ExplorOz you may not have had time to thoroughly go through the website to see what's on offer so here's a quick summary:


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Further down the home page you'll see a section with the heading "LEARN". Grouped into Topics these articles are written by a range of contributing authors who are experts in their field. The articles are very comprehensive and detailed. A great feature of our articles is that the comments section at the bottom of each article has links to all the Forum posts that are relevant to that topic - this is a great place to start reading if you're only interested in 1 specific topic.


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We hope you've found this newsletter informative and inspiring. If you like what we do, please support us anyway you can - we are a small privately owned Australian business and your purchases and/or referrals are vital to our future in these challenging times.

David & Michelle Martin

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