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Yes surprise! It's been a long time since we've sent a General newsletter to the entire "ExplorOz audience" - in fact the last one was July! These General Newsletters are designed to help you find your way to some fantastic resources and content on our website that you may not otherwise find. Of course, we also try to bring you some juicy news and announcements and share our own travel blogs!


If you've only recently joined the ExplorOz community, you probably first learned about ExplorOz when searching for a better mapping and navigation solution and have purchased the Traveller app. The app uses some content from our website (Places/Treks) but did you know there is a huge amount of additional information that's only available from the website?

Start by going to the ExplorOz Home Page and you'll find link boxes for quick & easy access to our content. Why not bookmark the site for future use!

BLOG: Mid West (Perth to Newman)

Whilst there's a place for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, we predominantly use the Blog system on ExplorOz to compile and share our stories, photos, and videos from our trips. (All Members can create Blogs like these).

In this blog, we'll show you some Mid West highlights enroute to the Pilbara. Plus we have an unusual story about our breakdown and repairs at the start of our trip a few months back. You can see all the photos, videos, and Track Log maps in this blog.

Mid West (Perth to Newman)

BLOG: Newman 4WD Circuits

We spent far more time around the Newman area than expected it was that good! To showcase this beautiful area we've dedicated two separate blogs to the area and included some driving footage. These tracks are highly recommended if you're looking for some spectacular 4WD adventures and camping and don't have the time to go all the way up to the Kimberley to get just as good an experience and far less people. Despite being one of the wettest winters in history in Perth, we had no rain, and despite being the peak of the July school holidays we were completely alone on these tracks and had no trouble finding isolated free camps with water to swim in, no croc risk and everything you could want from a bush camnping experience. Check it out!

Eagle Rock & Kalgan Creek 4WD Circuit

Hickman Crater & Punda Petroglyphs & Rockhole

BLOG: East Pilbara to NW Coast

This blog covers the next section of our trip from Newman to 80 Mile Beach via a diversion out through the East Pilbara along the Skull Springs Road. We explored some magnificiant waterholes and enjoyed spectacular isolated camps. This blog includes 3 videos showing where, how and why we had to use our winch in this area.

East Pilbara to NW Coast


Do you know about our Tracker app? This will appear as a free download in the app stores and is designed to record position data and/or to enable viewing the location of phone/tablets that are registered to the ExplorOz Tracker service. There are two components of the Tracker service:-

Viewer Only

People who are not ExplorOz Members can download the free Tracker app to see tracking from specific devices shared to them by people who are ExplorOz Members using the Tracker service. It doesn't matter if the person travelling is using the Traveller or Tracker app. An example is, if you are a Member, then you can suggest your family/friends get the free app download to follow your trip progress.

Tracker & Viewer

If you have a Member account, the app will record & sync position data from your device. When offline, the positions are stored in the device then synced to the server and displayed on your Server Tracking Map. You can view your own Server Tracking map to see the synced data. The Tracker app does not display maps to show your current location, or for navigation planning - for that you require the Traveller app.

Find out more here


Did you know we run Classifieds on the ExplorOz website?

You can sell anything from unwanted garage clutter up to your very special vehicle, caravan or boat in the Classifieds. Just look for the orange button labelled Create New Ad and select from the list of Ad-Types. The most popular ad-type is the Display Ad - this is free to Members, otherwise the cost is $19.95. Premium Ads are only $10 for Members or $29.95. Let us help you turn your pre-loved gear into cash before Christmas!

ExplorOz Classifieds


IDEA 1: Traveller App

Apple make it easy to buy an app for someone else. To gift ExplorOz Traveller, simply use your iPhone or iPad and press Gift App in the top right of the Traveller App listing in the app store. The purchase will go through your usual payment method and the recipient gets a link to the pre-paid app download. Too easy!

This option is not available from the Google Playstore so if your recipient uses the Android platform the only option is to give a Google Play Gift Card (readily available from Officewords, Australia Post, Woolworths, 7-Eleven, Big W, Caltex Fuel, and Coles) and they can download it themselves.

IDEA 2: Spare Wheel Cover

The ExplorOz spare wheel cover is a great gift as it's available in 5 different sizes to fit a wide range of tyre sizes. However, you must know the correct size required before ordering this gift and decide on the delivery address as postage chargers differ. Use our Tyre Size Calculator to help.

IDEA 3: Membership

Membership subscriptions are a great gift idea. Take a look at the Member Entitlements.

You can select from a 12 month subscription or a Lifetime subscription that never expires and includes a bonus $80 worth of ExplorOz branded clothing and merchandise (if buying as a gift you would need to select a shirt size).

NOTE: the EOTopo map licence is NOT included with Membership Subscriptions.

Regardless of the subscription option you choose, if buying as a gift you must adjust the Delivery Information (PostCode) and Invoice Details before proceeding to Checkout. Uncheck the "Invoice same as Delivery" option and enter their details for the Delivery. Please be aware that for postage deliveries this Christmas, there are extensive delays due to floodwaters, damaged rail services and road networks across the country. Our stock and despatch operation is based in South Australia (not Western Australia). We do not give any guarantee about order deliveries in time for Christmas but our shipping partners have recommended that customers place orders before 7th December or if later ensure you select the upgrade to Express Shipping and order no later than 14 December. The online Membership status of their ExplorOz account will be active immediately.


We've moved away from the traditional landline phone service for our office operations. Please take a look at the changed contact details on our website, listed on the About page.


To find back-issues of all our newsletters, jump onto the Home page of the ExplorOz website and scoll to the bottom where you'll find a link to Newsletters. We have 3 mail lists:- General | Traveller | Member.

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