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Did you know that you can create a log of all the places and points of interest you've been on a trip simply by taking a photo on your phone or tablet and send that photo by email to our Places server? Read this article for information on how this nifty features works.

Create a log of where you've been

Using our Places Email feature to instantly create a log for your friends/family and yourself on your Member Profile of places you've been.

All you need to do is use your Phone or Tablet (must have email functionality on the device) and take a photo of a place and then send that photo by email to

For this to work you must ensure:
1. The send from email account on your device must be the same as your Member account
2. Your camera settings must have location turned on (this captures the GPS position in the photo and let's our system automatically detect the location of the photo)
3. The email subject must only say the location/Place Name as our system will automatically check the existing Places system and make a match, or create a new Place.
4. Any and all text in the email body will be published - so remember to delete/remove any auto signature from your message body sent with the email

Our system will receive your email and automatically extract the data and publish what you've sent. It will read the GPS data out of the picture file, check against our Places database and load your photo into the correct Place record (or create a new one if none exists at/or near that GPS position).

For each Place that you load or update, it will appear in the MyPlaces tab on your Member profile page. When you or anyone viewing your Member Profile page clicks open the list of My Places, each one will feature only the photos that you have taken at that Place - even if other people have also added photos to the website for that same place (as shown in the full Place page).

Knowing this nifty trick can be useful for people that are travelling that don't have time to write long blogs or diaries but do wish to keep their family/friends informed about their movements. Give it a try on your next trip!

TIP: this function can be used without using our App (ExplorOz Traveller) however any photos of Places taken in the app will also appear in the same way in your MyPlaces tab.

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