Version 5 Update Now Available


Hi ExplorOz Reader

The latest update to ExplorOz Traveller (Version 5.0.3) has just been released so we wanted to be sure you knew about it. Please read on for details.


The Version 5 release contains big improvements to the user interface, infact we've completely redesigned it!
The biggest changes are:-
  • REMOVED: Home screen concept has been removed
  • NEW: side panels (both left & right) to access menu items whilst still staying on the map screen
  • NEW: map layer options - more options to refine and filter
  • IMPROVED: Speed Info Panel can now be minimised and enlarged, and layout can be changed vertical or horizontal, and can be moved anywhere on the screen using tap, hold, drag
  • NEW: multiple Track Logs can now be viewed on the map
  • NEW: share function added to Track Logs to send link to friend or post to social platforms
  • NEW: all links on item name in text list of Places, Treks, Track Logs opens the item on the map
  • NEW: Time now shown for current position, and every Place
  • NEW: Sun & Moon rise/set times now shown for current position, and every Place
  • IMPROVED: can now select multiple photos to upload to Places & Post Status
  • NEW: terminology - "Private" now "Personal" and "Public" now "ExplorOz and "Following" now "Shared"
  • IMPROVED: on-screen messaging to indicate status of data downloads and features that are not accessible due to account status/login etc
  • NEW: loading wait screen
  • IMPROVED: fully revised User Manual featuring new V5 screen shots and step by step instructions
For a full list of changes, see the What's New in Version 5 document in the Manuals section of the app.


Keeping your device current with the latest version update is easy - just use the "Enable Auto-Update" setting.

Alternatively, you can check for app updates by going directly to the ExplorOz Traveller app listing in the store. You'll see an update button if you haven't downloaded the latest version. Always ensure that before downloading an update that you don't have the app open.

Installing an update doesn't remove any installed data such as your maps, Places & Treks, and Track Logs.

TIP: You'll find a direct link in the app by going to the Menu, then select "Manuals & About" - tap App Rating to open the store listing page for ExplorOz Traveller. Why not write a review while you're there?! 


Rather than creating Version 5 video tutorials we intend to start offering online training opportunities that you can sign up for, so stay tuned for that. These will be group sessions hosted by Michelle Martin and bookings will be required.

However, we highly recommend that you jump right in now and check out the new User Manual which has been fully updated. This is available in PDF and covers absolutely everything across almost 50 pages with step-by-step instructions and screen shots. It's downloaded onto your device with a link in-app that will launch the PDF reader on your device so its available offline - anytime, anywhere. Select Manuals & About to access the PDF links. .

Michelle also runs the Help Desk and Live Chat services. Both services are accessible from the main ExplorOz Traveller webpage.

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