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Hi ExplorOz Reader

This newsletter is specifically for Traveller app users to advise you of the upcoming major update to Version 7 and what options you have.


The list of new features and changes in Version 7 is extensive. Here is a summary:

  • Ability to tag any data item (Place, Trek, Track Log) to Folders
  • Ability to add notes to any data item (Folder, Place, Trek, Track Log)
  • Removal of Place Groups - replaced with Folders
  • New split-screen layouts for Place/Trek/Track Log info pages with a mini-map
  • New side panel menus
  • Powerful new filters in lists
  • New Map Layers options
  • New styling on map pop-ups (Places, Treks, Track Logs)
  • Expanded range of POIs
  • New method of selecting POI types when creating a Place
  • Public editing of ExplorOz Places - includes moving place location by drag/drop
  • New Place History checker - all changes are tracked and visible
  • New Show on Map option instead of just Create new Place (after an Address Search)
  • New Drop Pin check for existing Places to avoid duplicates being created
  • Offline photos now supported
  • GPX waypoint import simplified
  • Improved Nav Planning - new algorithm in turn by turn means less rejected segments
  • Improved Nav Planning - can now insert a Place anywhere in middle
  • Improved Nav Planning - new drag/drop tool for better reordering
  • Improved Nav Planning - inline recalculation to change mode
  • Improved Nav Planning - option to create a Trek from Folder


This version of Traveller is a major update that addresses all the feedback and suggestions we've received throughout 2021. This is a free update for all app users and will replace the app store versions for sale in Google Playstore, Apple App Store, and the Microsoft Store.

Before the app is released to the app stores, we will run a 2 week Beta testing phase. (We have already completed a 4 week Alpha test). At the completion of this phase, we will attend to resolution of any reported bugs and then commence the rollout of the public release to the app stores (ETA 14th February).

If you know you will be travelling around that time, and feel cautious about getting a major update (due to the potential for initial bugs) you might prefer to disable the "Auto Update" for ExplorOz Traveller now. To do this, simply open the relevant app store on your device and disable Auto Updates for ExplorOz Traveller. Any bugs identified after public release would be promptly resolved in subsequent updates so this can complicate things if you are travelling as there is no going back to an earlier version. You can access the update to V7 manually or change your settings back to Auto Update at a later date to suit you.


For our Beta testing we are looking for people who are already familiar with using the app to "test" the new version prior to release. It should not be considered an opportunity for early access to the app or a means to join a "developer think tank" to suggest additional features that are not included. At this stage, the app development phase has been completed, as well as a month-long Alpha test. Beta testing is to ensure the completed version is tested on a wider range of devices, operating systems, and real user accounts with the intention of identifying any final bugs that were missed in Alpha testing. It is also used to gather feedback on the usability logic of the new features and if necessary final tweaks can be made.

The more people that join the Beta testing program, the more likely the public release will be bug free, first time. However, there is a limit of 100 testers. Beta testing is a voluntary activity. Please be aware that the Beta version will overwrite the existing v6.6.2 on your device so if you sign up to the Beta program you cannot run both versions at the same time on the same device.

To join the Android Beta Testing Program please go to the ExplorOz Traveller app listed in the Playstore and you'll see a link to join the Beta program. The Beta version is expected to be available for download in just a few days. You will receive a Google Playstore notification when Version 7 is released for testing.

To join the Apple Test Flight program, please go here on Monday 31st January to check if the program is open. You will not be able to join until we have released it, but we anticipate it is imminent.

If you are an existing Beta tester in either Google or Apple, then you will automatically get a notification via your app store account when the V7 Beta is released. We are providing early notification so that anyone that wishes to withdraw can do so now.

We have allocated a Beta testing phase of approximately 2 weeks. All reports of bugs identified must be submitted via the Beta/Test Flight programs. In addition to bugs, we welcome your feedback about the new features in this version and the general usability/logic of using the app in anticipation of rapid release to the app store to kick-start the 2022 travel year asap.


This is the 20th ExplorOz Traveller newsletter. You can read previous editions online here -

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