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This newsletter is a followup to last Thursdays newsletter and is specifically for anyone that is experiencing an ongoing problem with the V7 update. Our logs show that most devices have updated smoothly - across all 3 platforms Android, Apple, and Windows however we have had some feedback from people having problems and want to ensure that no one is left with an unsuccessful update. 

Everyone that has contacted us with a problem has had their issue fully resolved as there are no bugs found in this version. The updating of app data in your user account however seems to have caused some problems for some people so in this newsletter we will give you all the information that has proven successful to help anyone experiencing these issues.


We figured out a pattern with people having problems updating from earlier versions of Traveller to V7 (new users not affected).

Turns out that if you had a 2019 or 2018 EOTopo licence (but not the current 2021 licence) then if you were downloading maps, they were being auto deleted. We finally discovered that we made an oversight in the way the new security checks look for licencing and this never came up in Beta testing either because everyone was up to date with a 2021 map licence. So we have fixed this and put a small patch update through the app stores - this is v7.0.7. Already available for Android - still awaiting store approval for Apple and Windows. Should be avail tomorrow. This only affects a very small handful of people as most people should/will have the 2021 edition of the maps.

With the app crashing/freezing issue that some people were also having - this is device specific and only occurring on devices with low CPU or with databases that had not been updated for a very long time.
It was being caused by the way we had built the background update of Places, Treks, Track Logs to occur automatically upon initial opening of V7. This is a critical part of the update to V7 due to the extensive changes to the structure of the app data.

We had programmed this to be super fast and automatic to cause minimal disruption to you, but appears that devices with slow CPUs couldn't cope and some were therefore freezing/crashing. Most people that have had this issue have got it all sorted now and in reality, there have only been a small number of affected devices.

So in the 7.0.7 update we have removed the background update of data. We suspect there are going to be a few users out there who are still affected but have not reached out for support. If they get the 7.0.7 update this will clear their Places/Treks/Track Log databases automatically but instead of attempting to force the updates in the background they can do the updates manually.

If you've already completed your update successfully, the v7.0.7 will have no affect on your data and nothing will be deleted.

Thanks to all app users for your patience and support during this major migration. Whilst we've done more than 30 updates to the app in 7 years, this is the first time we've had such a major and significant structural change to the databases that affects your account data - it just had to be done to move forward with the improvements and new features.


This is a repeat of the section we put in last week's newsletter as we still get a lot of questions about this. 

Did you know that we offer an online version of the app that can be launched from our website? It's designed for your convenience and allows use of another computer other than the device you'll use when travelling such as your home or work PC/MAC desktop computer that may offer you a big monitor.

The web-app is the same in most respects to the store-app but just has tracking disabled so you cannot use it when moving and is online only. There's no offline map download requirement either but you will need to download Places & Treks and keep these updated regularly. Using the web-app is the same as using the store app with all your app data in folders, notes, treks, places and track logs synced automatically to your online account for ease of keeping all your devices in sync (use Data Manager to update each device).

The web-app runs in your web-browser (compatible only with: Chrome, Edge, Opera) and is launched by going to the Traveller webpage and selecting   My App Control Panel.

You will need to have a Member account to use the web-app. To upgrade your free user account to a Member account, simply select the Tracking/Membership purchase option in the app on your device. This will direct you to the purchase screen in the shop on our website where you will complete the upgrade of your user account.

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