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24th April, 2023

Hi ExplorOz Reader

This special edition newsletter is just for current ExplorOz Traveller customers following the major release of Traveller version 8 just before Easter. Since then, we've been working to add support for extra devices, including CarPlay/Android Auto headunits and other bespoke devices. Read on for these exciting developments which are now complete. Now is a good time to update your ExplorOz Traveller.


Every few months you can expect some sort of app update to be released for ExplorOz Traveller. These are free and are delivered to your device via your app store. There are always good reasons why we might update the app including new features, complying with new app store regulations, adding support for new devices, or fixing bugs.

View Tips Blog Here.

We've written a short blog that covers all the essentials to help you understand updates. These tips will help you know how/where to check for app updates. We also provide a key to understanding the version numbering and we answer the big question - should you update when you are on the road travelling? Check it out here.


The most significant feature in the update to version 8 is access to EOTopo 2023. We have updated the FAQ section on the EOTopo webpage to answer common questions such as:-
  • How does licencing work?
  • Do I have to buy a new licence?
  • How different are the new maps?
  • What scale are the maps?
  • How to upgrade to EOTopo 2023
  • Should I delete old maps first?

You can even view the map data free in our online webviewer on the same page before you buy. Open the EOTopo webpage for these answers.


If you have an oversize vehicle and need to be wary of low height bridges, load ratings etc, then you'll find the new "Vehicle Dimensions" feature in version 8 to be very useful.

Vehicle dimensions are now factored into auto routing calculations. Go to Settings - Navigation to enter your vehicle's Height, Width, and Weight to ensure the auto-router will factor these parameters into any route calculations you accept.

These settings can be independent per device and is handy for those with multiple vehicles of differing dimensions.


A new-look dark mode now features throughout the whole app. Go to Settings to select how you wish to use Dark Mode - by default the setting is Auto, which means the app will automatically switch to Dark Mode at sunset (based on the time zone for your current location). Other options are to turn off Dark Mode or to turn in ON always.


To better see all the photos available of a Place, we've upgraded to a photo grid layout, instead of the scroller. Only the first few photos are displayed but tap the button to expand the photo grid to see all.

Remember, to press Add Photo to select images from the Gallery on your device, or to launch the camera in your phone/tablet. Photos can even be added to the app when offline for auto syncing later.


CarPlay AI box adapters are now enabling CarPlay/Android Auto headunits to access all apps from the Google Playstore. These AI box adapters are a small standalone computer that run an Android operating system on your CarPlay display. You simply connect the AI Box to the CarPlay USB port in your car, and the AI box will take over your CarPlay interface and replace it with an Android tablet operating system. This enables you to have full access to the Google Playstore which is required for downloading the ExplorOz Traveller app.

Our testing has been done on the AMHXD3 which is universal across various aftermarket head units but you can choose any other brand of similar module that you can find. There were necessary security authentication protocols to modify to ensure compatability but the app download, content downloads, and EOTopo 2023 map downloads have all been tested and confirmed by app users using this device. The latest version of ExplorOz Traveller v8.0.11 has been optmised for use with the AI box adaptors.


Whilst its possible to use a phone or iPad mini mounted to your motorbike cockpit, a number of enthusiasts are now using a ruggedised tablet called the Carpe Iter.

There were necessary security authentication protocols to modify to ensure compatability for this device but we had a couple of device users wishing to test it. The latest version of ExplorOz Traveller v8.0.11 has been optimised for use with this Carpe Iter tablet should this be of interest to you.


We encourage you to read the User Manual to get the most from using the ExplorOz Traveller app. You can learn all the essentials in just a couple of pages.

The manual is found in the app - open Menu, look down to the bottom for Resources and select 'Manuals & About'. At the top is a button to open a PDF version of the User Manual.

Pages 2-7 is basically the quick start guide.

Use the Contents page to find quick links to jump through the rest of the manual to learn about the more advanced features if desired. The manual features colourful, easy to read, step-by-step guides to help you master the app in no time.


Reviews are used by other prospective buyers to guage the general experience by other app users so please don't dimiss the Review prompt when it pops up!

Alternatively, post a review at a time that best suits you by going to the About screen in the app (Menu - Manuals & About) where you will see a text link to "App Ratings". Tap this link to open the app store review section and post your review comment.

If you have questions, need assistance, or want to make a suggestion, please contact us directly using any of the content options listed on the the About page of our website.

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