Boat Registration & Licensing

When it comes to your trailer boat or for any boat that is engine powered - it does need to be registered. Also, if you wish to take the boat out into Australian waters then you will probably need to have a recreational boat drivers license. This article provides some quick links to the relevent websites regarding boat registration and licensing.

Boat Registration

Powerboats are considered motorized vehicles so owners are required to have their boat registered with the motor vehicle licensing body in the state in which it is generally stored. Registration provides a means of identifying boats and the statistical information can be used by organizations to plan and design new boating facilities. Registration requirements and exemptions for recreational boats may vary in each state of Australia so click on one of the links below for further information.

Recreational Skipper's Ticket

It is now a matter of law in all states of Australia including the ACT, that at least one person onboard any powerboat with an engine of 6hp or more must hold a recreational boat drivers licence, otherwise known as a Skipper's Ticket, which can be issued from any Australian state. Regulations however are more relaxed in the Northern Territory as no licence is required for recreational boating.

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