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With the range and quality of camper trailers available for hire, exploring those once hard to get to places is now a reality. Whether you are thinking of going off-road with some mates or you’re about to embark on that once in a lifetime camping trip with the family, hiring a camper trailer will highlight your camping experience. This article talks about the different types and styles of camper trailers in the hire market and some options you may wish to consider.

Why Hire?

There are many reasons to hire a camper trailer and the answers are determined by your requirements. If you are thinking of buying a camper trailer, you may choose to hire one beforehand and take the opportunity to try out a range of trailers to find the one that suits your camping lifestyle.

Factors you might want to consider are;
  • Will you be going off-road or on-road?

  • Do you prefer a large camper or a small one?

  • Would you prefer a camper with just the basics?

  • Or do you want one with all the bells and whistles?
Either way, there is a camper trailer for just about everyone's camping lifestyle.

Occasional Holiday

If you are not a regular traveller and camping with a camper trailer is something you would do once in a while, then hiring would be the most economical way of enjoying your camping in comfort.

Budget Constraints

As with most things your budget may not allow you to buy a camper trailer, then hiring is the most cost effective way of doing that once in a lifetime holiday.

Space Restrictions

Camper trailers are basically another vehicle and some people may not have the room for it at home. Finding this extra space at home in storing another vehicle is another reason why people will find the benefits in hiring more appealing.

All Ready to Go!!!

The advantage of flying in and hiring a car and camper trailer and going bush is another reason why people hire. You could provide extra accommodation for friends and family that you haven't seen for a long time.

On Road Vs Off Road

On Road

Depending on the size of your car will determine what type of trailer you can tow.
On road trailers are great for that holiday where all you want to do is stay on the main roads and visit places that don't require rough off road travel. An on road trailer is lighter to tow ( under 400kg) and basic construction is similar to a box trailer with a 4 leaf basic spring setup, standard tailgate, up to 2mm for the drawbars and a basic towball.

Off Road

For the serious adventurer who wants to explore out of the way places. Off road trailers are designed to handle any conditions a 4wd will go. These trailers are designed for that constant pounding from the corrugations and deep water crossings. The steel used in the construction is a lot thicker, the suspension is beefed up such as 7 leaf springs with rebounders and some off road trailers even having independent suspension. The towball is replaced by an off road hitch which enables the trailer to pivot on the car at various angles. The extra strength in construction means you can carry alot camping gear and more weight in the trailer. For the avid explorer places such as Cape York and The Kimberleys are more easily accessed with an off road trailer.

Types of Camper Trailers

Side Fold

This gives the family more room to sleep up to 6 people in comfort. Depending on the size a side fold camper they can start with a 9 ft side opening up to a 12 foot. The bigger the side fold the bigger the camping space needed to set up camp.

Rear Fold

More suited to the a couple or small family as the room for sleeping is a lot smaller but with options you can add extra rooms on.

Soft Floor

The type of floor used is a very thick vinyl. The majority of side fold trailers will have this feature. The advantage of a soft floor side fold is that the tent section can be made alot bigger. There are some new trailers now on the market that have been designed with a hard floor side fold.

Hard Floor

You will find most rear fold trailers incorporate a hard floor. The benefits of a hard floor is the tent is set up off the ground. This is also handy for when the ground is rocky of a little bit un even.

Small and Compact

Trailers come in all shapes and sizes and depending where you enjoy camping there is a camper trailer to suit. For the person whoes budget and car is small compact trailers can still give you the comfort and space.

Large and Luxurous

For those who want comfort and all the trimmings.The range of up market camper trailers is endless. With features such as slide out kitchens, fridges, powerpacks, showers, gas bottles, lights, awnings etc. These trailers are just as good as a caravan but are designed to handle the rough conditions and those hard to get places.

Extra Features

It is always nice to get some extra features for your money when hiring a camper trailer. Some features are ideal and some are handy to have, whilst others are just pure luxurious. Every additional feature that comes with a camper trailer will provide some sort of comfort - if it be for safety or enjoyment. Below is a list of extra features you may come across for consideration.

Gas Lift Top

Whether the tent is set up or packed away you have easy access to the trailer with a lift up top and saves you sending in the kids to drag out the frypan that is packed away.

Boat Racks

The avid fisherman is not left out as most manufacturers have boat racks designed for all styles of camper trailers. The tilt style boat rack is handy as you can set up camp without having to remove the boat. It folds out on gas strut hinges and tilts and lowers the boat to the side of the trailer on to the ground. There is also a tradesman boat rack and as the name suggests is just a frame at either end of the trailer and the boat must be taken off to open up the tent.

Stone Guard

Designed to help keep the stones and rocks that are flicked by your car away from your back window.

Water Tanks

No matter where you go water is a must. There is a range of water tanks that can either be mounted on the side or under the trailer with capacities from 40ltres to over 100ltrs of water and incorporating taps. They are constructed of either plastic or aluminium. Having water on tap is great when camping in remote areas.

Power Packs

Technology today has made camping alot more simple and easy.With a range of power souces to either run a fridge, lights, computers and even kids electronic games. Battery systems can now be incorporated in trailers and power outlets situated in main areas such as the kitchen and tent area. Along with this power packs and generators are now the norm when camping.


All trailers rated at 750kg and over must have brakes fitted. Even trailers rated at 600kg should also be fitted with brakes as once the trailer is loaded up with water and all the camping gear it is not uncommomn for the trailer to weigh close to 1 tonne. The brake controller is normally postioned on the side of the trailer so that adjustment can be made depending on the weight of the trailer.


Slide out kitchens, showers, toilets and extra bedrooms are now standard in up market camper trailers. With new designs and new camping products coming on to the market why would you want to stay in a five star resort with the crowd.

Inbuilt Kitchens

Situated on either the tailgate or sliding out from the side of the trailer kitchens can come in all styles. From a basic shelf that tilts up right up to the 4 burner cooktop with wok. There are alot of places when camping where either fire wood is scarce or there is a total fire ban so a kitchen set up with a cooktop and gasbottle is needed. When hiring a trailer, it is always good to find out the style of kitchen and what it incorporates as this will determine what food to take when camping.

Tips on Hiring

Information on the Area

As the saying goes you can't beat local knowledge. When planning that once in a lifetime trip it is always handy to ask the hiring company for advice. They will be able to point out the places of interest, keep you updated on road conditions,what to take, the best camping sites, travelling times and also where the fish may be biting.

Spare Parts

When travelling in remote areas you will always take spares such belts, hoses, oil etc for your car. The same should be said when hiring a trailer and make sure it has spares also. There is nothing worse than making a great holiday turn into a bad holiday especially if you break down miles away from civilisation. The bare minimum spare parts should be bearings, bearing grease, lock pins and nuts. Some companies even give you spare springs and u bolts as well. Even if you cannot fix it yourself there is always a good samaritan there to help if you have the parts and get you on your way.


Always make sure the tyres on the hire trailer are designed to handle the conditions of the area you intend heading to and the spare is of good quality also. With the range of rim and tyre size on modern cars it is unlikely the spare on your car will not fit the trailer.

Help if You Breakdown

God forbid if something breaks but it does happen and most motoring clubs will only help to a certain extent especially if this happens in remote areas. Knowing before you go where the nearest help is and what help they can give will be invaluable. Hire companies who's trailers travel in remote areas should have contact points in certain areas to assist if the worst happens.

Hiring Extras

There is nothing worse than overloading the car with all the camping gear and travelling hundreds of miles to pick up your hire trailer. Always check with the hire company what extras are available to hire. Some hire companies can organise a complete set up with pillows, sleeping bags, fridges, plates, cups and cutlery, cooking utensils, pots and pans, chairs and tables, showers, eskies, generators, camp stretchers, lights and jerry cans. All you need to take is your food and clothes.

Camper Trailer FAQs Before Hiring

There are many questions (FAQs) that you could ask before you decide on which camper trailer to hire. Since there are various brands and camper types that camper hire specialists will stock, it is important for both you and the specialist to to understand all the requirements. It is also important to fully understand the hiring policies and procedures to avoid any uncertainties down the track. Some of the questions you may want to ask are listed below.
  • How long does it take to set up!

  • Is the trailer dust proof

  • What type of floor doesit have

  • The weight of the camper and does it have brakes

  • Does the camper suit what I require

  • What type of hitch does the camper come with

  • How much room is available inside the trailer

  • What is the deposit and the bond

  • Is the trailer insured and does it cover public liability

  • The terms and conditions

  • Is there a discount for long term hire

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