Cajeput Tree, Paperbark

Family: Myrtaceae
Genus: Melaleuca
Species: leucadendra
Main Flower Colour: Cream


A familiar sight along watercourses and in swamps across northern Australia. A medium sized tree with bright silvery green foligae and a slightly weeping habit. Bottlebrush flowers range in colour from white through cream to pale green. All branches are covered with thick spongy "paper" bark that peels off in layers.

Flowering start in March and ends in October.


The main flower colour is cream. Weeping habit, white to greenish bottlebrush flowers, white paper-bark.


Cajeput oil can be distilled from the leaves. Flowers provide honey. The timber of Melaleuca leucadendra is used by Indigenous Australians in the manufacture of dugout canoes. The timber is also used in a variety of commercial applications including railway sleepers, fence posts and mine props.

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Bio Regions

Northern Kimberley (NOK), Darwin Coastal (DAC), Gulf Plains (GUP), Pilbara (PIL)

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