Family: Loranthaceae
Genus: Amyema
Species: quandang
Main Flower Colour: Pink


Mistletoes are parasites on trees and shrubs. They use the host plant to provide water and some sugars which are accessed via a specialised structure (haustoria) that penetrates the stem of the host. The plant in the photo was hosted on a mulga (Acacia sp) although numerous other species of tree and shrub can act as a host plant. The particular mistletoe species is pendulous, and greyish coloured. Flowers in sets of 3, the 5 petals covered with short white hairs.

Also known as Loranthus quandang or
Loranthus canus

Flowering start in September.


The main flower colour is pink.


Mistletoes provide nesting places and food for many birds and some small mammals. Although they are a parasite they do not usually have an adverse effect on the host plant.


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Bio Regions

Mount Isa Inlier (MII)

Region Specifics

South of Cloncurry, Qld

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