The Mangrove Jack

Features a dark reddish colour. Normally found throughout the tropical north amongst mangrove estuaries, salt water creeks and even mangrove beach areas.

 Catching a Mangrove Jack

Trolling or casting near snags or floating live bait near a fallen or sunken tree works great. After you set the hook, retrieve some line immediately since the fish bite and head instantly towards the cover of the snags

Sport Value

These fish are very strong - outdoing many other fish that are much bigger and subsequently providing the angler with a good fight


Medium trolling or spinning rig with light sinker. 6 - 15kg main line with heavy trace. Use No. 1 - 6 Beak or Longhshank hooks


Herring, Prawn, Fish flesh, Hardiheads, Poddy mullet

 Eating a Mangrove Jack

Mangrove Jacks are excellent eating fish and reveal firm, sweet tasting white flesh. Many anglers even rate the taste of jacks higher than barramundi. Please note - when fishing for mangrove jacks, do not get confused with the dreaded Red Bass which is a known carrier of the ciguatera toxin. The Red Bass is distinguished by the large deep pit in front of each eye.
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