The Spanish Mackeral

The largest of the mackerel family. This species is streamlined, fast swimming and free-roaming oceanic schooling fish. Common to the northern and central waters of Australia. Frequents offshore reefs and drop-offs.

 Catching a Spanish Mackeral

Trolling lures, live baits or whole fish baits are well responded. Moving baits encourage strikes. Mackerel can be taken with live baits as they usually hit the bait to maim it before come back to inhale it.

Sport Value

Highly regarded as one of the best sport and gamefish in Australia. Hits bait hard and offers a tough fight. Renown for it long and fast runs


Heavy rigs are needed. 12 - 30kgs on the main line with 30cm wire trace. No. 6/0 to 10/0 stainless steel hooks. Also could use ganged hooked holding whole bait


Garfish, Garfish, Tailor, Herring, Pilchard, Tuna, Yellowtail, Fish flesh

 Eating a Spanish Mackeral

Flesh is light pink to white in colour with strong distinct fishy flavours. Features medium to firm texture that is also medium to high in oiliness. Consists of a few bones that are easily removed
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