Delightful Denmark and A pleasant few days at Walpole

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6th June 2015

This was our first stay in Denmark, a small town we have thought charming whenever we have stopped briefly on past trips.I was looking forward to it as the streets are lined with interesting mix of shops and cafes and there are plenty of farm gate type outlets and wineries not too far away in any given direction. Judy and I were keen to have a good look around while the Men were occupied with fishing.

We stayed in the aptly named Rivermouth Caravan Park because of its close proximity to boat launching and fishing in both river and lake/estuary. The amenities here were old and could well do with some refurbishment but at least they were very clean. We were able to choose our site which was important as once again we wanted to be able to use the satellite TV, and many sites do have trees which interfere with the signal.
Aware that the time of year was not likely to yield a good catch, the men were still keen to get onto the water and once again we were very happy with the Mangrove Jack boat trailer. It is so quick and easy to set up, taking literally minutes and we can carry it in pieces in a number of different locations (wheels in front boot of caravan, the long bits on top of the roof racks under the boat, and other parts in the rear of the ute in canopy. No part weighs more than 8 kgs). We are also very impressed with the quality. Once it is set up, the boat is ready to go each time saving so much time and effort, important as we are not getting any younger! And in many places its not possible to leave the boat in the water and go back too it each day for security and other reasons.

John had a look at the pressure limiting valve under the van and gave it a clean, and the water pressure did seem to be improved when I had my shower, but it still wasn’t up to the standard of both our previous caravans. In some caravan parks when connected to mains pressure water, it was reduced to a dribble in the frustrating and annoying! And the long strip light along the length of the awning now seemed to be mostly all lighting up again, after a few were flickering back in Kalgan River near Albany, after some rain.

The weather while we were in Denmark was un-seasonally warm for June and saw records broken in many parts of the South West according to ABC News Weather. It was a pleasant surprise as we fully expected to be wearing our thermals there however I do worry about the future and what it will be like for our grandchildren.

Each morning I took a walk along the River back into the town, only a few kms each way but very scenic and quiet, and with a marked walking/bike trail. I do feel much better when I can get out and have some exercise.

Judy and I spent a whole day touring around all of the various local businesses. At Jassi Leatherworks I bought 2 pairs of ugg boots (an outdoor pair to wear around the campfire with leather outer skin,and a lovely long black pair for indoors), a Cossack type hat, red leather bag and a small gift for our baby grandson..first ugg boots and a toy. I reckon my sale alone made her a very happy woman!

We also called in at the honey place and Meadery, a Chocolate place for a coffee and a small sample of chocolate (too sweet and not intense enough for me which was good), lots of delicious cheese, salami and olives from one of the winery/cheese factories (yum), fresh vegetables from a couple of the roadside stalls…it was an expensive day! We made it extra special by having lunch at one of the wineries out of town a bit and shared a big platter of mostly local produce, and didn’t get back to the caravan park until mid-afternoon. Denmark did very well out of us!

The men did not have such an exciting time on the water and it was decided that we should pack up and move on after our three nights in search of better fishing. I’m sure at a different time of year they would have had different results. After spending a short time there both John and I felt that Denmark was the kind of place we could have lived in had we not had family back East.

John and I spent an enjoyable morning having a look and a walk around Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool in William Bay National park. The coastline was beautiful and we were so glad we took time to drive to there.

Walpole Rest Point Caravan Park had a special on Stay 4 pay for 3 nights for $102 so we checked in there and were blown away by the beautiful setting right on the water.

The amenities are old but clean, the sites are large and we were able to choose our own so we could use the satellite dish once again. Weirdly, there is no normal TV reception there. The park also has its own boat ramp and jetty and there are some lovely walks in the vicinity. Staff were lovely too, so friendly and helpful with fishing information for the men.
John and I had previously stayed in Walpole although not in this park, and we had done the walks in the National Parks and the treetops walk in very cold wet weather. This time we were luckier and the warmer days we had experienced in Denmark continued up until the last morning of our stay.
The men fished for most of the time we stayed and Judy and I did some walking. A short walk followed the river around to Sandy beach and I discovered a dead brush tailed phasogale (identified by me from a photo) on the track. We also walked into Walpole one morning, approximately an hour each way, following some of the Bibbulmun Track. It was quite warm walking and we found a short cut through the golf course on the way home. The town does not have the same charm that Denmark does, or at least, that is my opinion.
Fishing was disappointing once again, the men bringing home some small fillets of Tommy ruff and something else unfamiliar. They decided that they had tried enough and John offered to take me out for a look around on the water before he washed the boat and re loaded it on the ute canopy. It was freeing out there and I wondered why the men had persevered for so long with such poor results! I was very glad when he turned and headed back to the boat ramp!
We were feeling very keen now to head to the north, specifically to the East Pilbara and when Judy and Barry packed up and left a day early to go to Perth to paint a daughters house, John and I spent the day getting all our gear ready for a quick trip up through the inland past Port Hedland. A cool change and rain were expected to hit Walpole and it arrived during the last night we were there, with quite heavy rain falling.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. John Muir
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